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  1. Some photos from mine that might assist for you.
  2. Nothing too exciting but.. had a session on my polishing wheel with my petrol cap. Before and after.
  3. Thanks buddy. Its a tricky job and not one I would personally ever take on having watched them working today.
  4. Had a fitter turn up to fit my new windscreen rubbers I purchased from Datsport in Australia to replace the 100% rubber seals with the rubbers to accommodate the chrome beading. Front is in, rear to finish next week. Looks much better and is now free from leaks.
  5. Purchased some amber tint film and wrapped my lights.
  6. Show me a happy Turkey on Thanksgiving...
  7. She was born and bred in Guildford, Connecticut. Her family are there, East Haven and Hamden. I visited Wayne Carini three years ago in Portland for my 50th and had the pleasure of having an hour with the man himself going around his place and having a chat. Super nice guy. Yes, safety first. Nice to hear you are looking after your neighbour. Well done you...
  8. We are doing Turkey and all the trimmings..
  9. Just putting my best wishes out there early this week to all you US guys to say Have a good Thanksgiving. My wife is American (Connecticut) and I have had the pleasure of having a few Thanksgiving celebrations with her family in the USA. Sadly not this year (we all know why). Anyway have a great time Thursday. We are having a celebration here but it wont be anything like the spread you all put on. I will miss sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey whisky on Wednesday night with my brother in law too. Keep Safe Martin
  10. Payco

    Wiper parts

    good luck, it will come out drunk as a skunk...
  11. Congrats, well done. Now the fun starts. Keep us posted.
  12. Requesting some photos of any members baby blue or similar 510 photos please..
  13. maybe the matrix is shot. Is it hooked up as mine came from SA and its not even plumbed in. Good luck, hope you sort it asap.
  14. https://www.futofab.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=115&Itemid=113
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