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  1. It appears notched, I can take pics tomorrow in better detail tho
  2. It appears the bump stops weren’t always in there before, as the paint is chipped away. I think I will try and find some bump stops that are smaller. How are they attached?
  3. I'm not going for a 2019 show car ride experience. This car is something I just want to drive on weekends to cars and coffee events maybe a half hour away? I think I either sugger through it OR maybe I raise it up an inch or so to allow for some travel in the front and rear.. hmmmmm
  4. Dude, my number is in the post above... shoot me a text Matt! I'm interested and need some replacement parts..
  5. Hi Guys/Gals, I have a lowered 73' Datsun 1200 truck with a nice and low rear-end. The leaf springs are lowered on some lowering blocks / 7" U-Bolts with rear struts replaced. MY question for all of you is do people make custom leaf springs that will lower my car and improve the pogo-stick like driving the lowering blocks have? I like my car the way it sits, but I'm looking for something a little more comfortable to drive, any tips / tricks / website links you can provide me to help educate me would be very appreciated! thanks, Johnn
  6. Dude, that’s awesome. Great color! I could use some help with general knowledge of this thing. I’ve been reading the forums, but I’m curious about some of the carburetor tuning and suspension amongst other things. If you have an Instagram, I have one called @cornhu8
  7. Time Left: 4 days and 21 hours

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    Hello, I'm looking for seats for my 1973 Datsun 1200 ute. I would like some racing inspired seats or something a little more comfortable than the stock option I currently have in there (no head rest, seats ripped a bit). - text me at 248-444-9226


    seattle area, Washington - US

  8. What’s up Ice, recently purchased a 73’ Datsun 1200 and brought it to the Seattle area.. let’s get some pictures of our rides together?
  9. Do you have his contact info that you could message me?
  10. https://postimg.cc/PL1mTCVf]https://i.postimg.cc/BvVN5DxF/IMG-9999.jpg
  11. Hello, I have a Nardi Steering wheel that I would like to make into a quick disconnect steering wheel.. Does anyone know of a hub / kit that allows for a quick release steering wheel in a JDM 1973 Datsun 1200 ute? I'd like to keep horn functionality (but realize this might not be possible). Any kits out there to make this happen, or kits from other Datsun's that you know work with my hub? thanks, J. Diesel
  12. Hi Guys, Having some trouble removing one of the dash light bulbs (left hand turn signal). I reached up there yesterday and tried to wiggle / pull it loose and didn't get anywhere with it, I was worried about breaking something so I didn't pull too hard.. This is on my JDM 1973 Datsun Sunny ute. any tips/tricks for removing the bulb? thanks, Johnny Diesel
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