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  1. I have to do a vin verification here as well. It's no big deal, as I said everything is on the up and up, just want the 85 frame with the 82 cab, it's in better shape. I do appreciate the info guys, I definitely wouldn't want to have my vehicle impounded!
  2. Thanks for the info, I don't mind the VIN not matching, I'm not trying to disguise the vehicles or anything but do appreciate the heads up. I just want a better set up for off roading and it looks like the frame swap is the way to go. I will post pics and keep updates coming.
  3. I have a titled 82 720 z22s pick up that I have resurrected and an 85 z24 motor free, good compression, bill of sale only and from what I see I need the 85 frame as the front end is better for lifting and off road capability, there are more options. Upper control arm mounting location, etc. I haven't really been able to look it over really well yet, I just got the 85. I really just want to put the 82 cab and bed on the 85 frame and keep the z24 with the 85 frame for now, thinking about massaging the z22s for a light turbo application down the road. Thoughts? Are the front diffs and axles the same? Interchangeable? I know anything is possible with the right amount of money, I am trying to keep costs as low as possible for a good, reliable, solid and impressive beater looking off roading rig. I have 32s now but don't really want to kill it with huge tires. Maybe shorter gears? Rear diff locker? Budget axle swap down the road. Front and rear. I know it's a lot of information and pictures would be great. It snowed today and I will load some pictures tomorrow.
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