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  1. Suki68

    Sway bar for a 520

    My son is putting a sr20 into his 520 and he needs a little extra room by the sway bar. Just curious if anyone know if a 521 sway bar will fit in a 520? While I’m on the subject, is there any pre made motor mounts for an sr20 to 520 conversion?
  2. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    I would love to see it.
  3. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Is there a picture?
  4. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Good tips
  5. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    OMG! Thank you! That helps a ton.
  6. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Not sure the history of the truck. You could be right.
  7. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Must’ve went into 78 as well.
  8. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Thanks, it was the cooler set of wheels we had.
  9. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    The SU’s sound really cool! We are still worried about how any dual carbs are going to fit with the power brake booster. My sons king cab is a deluxe and comes with power disc brakes and he really likes that. We will probably go with the down draft for now. Thanks for all your help.
  10. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    I only have access to Weber’s. I’ve never even heard of Mikunis and we are new to this. My son just liked the way the the Weber’s looked. I was told the Weber’s would fit if we applied shorter horns, but I don’t know for sure. Very confused, so maybe I’ll just tell my son to go with the regular carb.
  11. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Ok, thanks, for your help.
  12. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    My son likes the looks of the side drafts and he has the money from saving up. California Datsun said they would fit with smaller horns. I like the looks of a single carb side draft. Not really sure what to do.
  13. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    My son has a 78 620 and wants to get dual side draft Webers for his L20B. I was told he would have to relocate the brake booster. Where would we relocate the brake booster, or what do we do?
  14. Suki68

    Crank bolt

    Thanks guys! Once again, helpful as ever
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