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  1. Yes it was filled with oil . So with the tranny unbolted from the motor i can get the tranny to a certian point where it sits on the front diff and the welded crossmember and wont go any further do i have to remove the front diff to get it the rest of the way out .
  2. With new clutch installed new release brand new everything put back together driving third gears hard to get in and out of you have to literally fight with it and still makes the same noise supposed to transmission pulled clutch pulled a release bearing old pilot bearing put all new internals in it again check front of the transmission turn the shaft and makes the grinding noise
  3. The transmission is still in the truck sitting across the crossmember that is welded in place I cannot get it on any further without removing the front differential when driving down the road it's just in the first and second fine when you go to put it in third you have to fight to put it in I'm going to put it in the fourth you have to fight pulled out of third so you can go into 4th gear the clutch got burn up when my brother was trying to pull somebody out with my truck other than that it drives fine except for that roaring sound when you let off the clutch
  4. it has a new clutch new slave cylinder new release bearing yes it does grinds going into reverse and 1st you can feel it in the input shaft as you're spinning buying it by hand I don't have the time to be able to pull it out as I was just doing a clutch job on it and that when it started making the roat noise
  5. My input bearing is roaring when i spin the input shaft by hand . I was thinking its the input bearing , how hard would it be to replace it ,also the tranny is still halfway in the truck . The truck is also having trouble going into 3 gear and coming out , think it might be the syncro
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