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  1. Legends, thanks a lot guys. Datzenmike, what is the spline? Excuse my ignorance... Also is there anything else you would recommend I should be changing while I have the drive shaft out? Cheers mate!
  2. Hey thanks Crashtd420, much appreciated! Is there any chance you could measure the length of it too? I just figure that also might be something I need to specify when ordering the new sleeve...
  3. Thanks for your reply datzenmike. No I haven't tried sanding or polishing the slip yoke but the scratch is fairly deep and runs right around it. I'd be inclined to think that sanding off so much steel would probably add to my leak woes. My neighbour used to be a mechanic and reckons those speedy sleeves are the best course of action, I just need to know the diameter of the yoke so I can order the right one! Looks like I might have to pull the driveshaft out again to measure...
  4. I have a 1980 Datsun 720 king cab and it is leaking like crazy around where the drive shafts slip yoke slots into the back of the transmission. I replaced the seal a short time ago which did nothing. I noticed when changing the seal however that there was a scratch on the slip yoke shaft which must be the source of the continued leak. I have heard that there are things called speedy sleeves which slide over the damaged slip yoke and help it seal properly again. These sleeves come in various sizes. My question is does anybody here know the size of a 1980 720's slip yoke? I am trying to avoid taking my entire drive shaft out again just to measure the slip yoke... Also it is a 2 wheel drive, not a 4x4. Cheers
  5. Just got back from testing out the 1985, piston rings are shot, blowing smoke when ya step on the gas, air blowin outta the oil cap, no good unfortunately! Also a bit too much rust for my liking and no brakes, all adding up to a bit more than I wanna deal with right now. Checking out the 1980 on the weekend, looks pretty rust free, apparently everything working on it, worth looking at I guess. Will see how she runs anyhow, Im in no rush, there will be others if this ones no good! One things for sure tho, these are pretty cool looking little utes, Im diggin em...
  6. Thanks datzenmike! Your knowledge is much appreciated, I havent owned either motor before so good to hear from some first hand experience. Yes from what I've read it sounds like the Z24 will suit my needs more and you have helped confirm this. A few people have posted things online about getting bad fuel economy with a Z24 but they probably have other issues with their engine causing this poor mileage. I will spare no expense in refurbishing this engine as it will be my daily driver and hopefully it'll be slightly more economical than my 351cleveland F100!! Fuel prices are killing me at the moment! Bring on the DATSUN!!!
  7. I am currently looking at buying one of two Datsun 720 king cabs I found online. One is a 1980 model with a 1.8 litre motor and 5 speed manual trans, the other is a 2.4 litre with 5 speed manual also. Both pickups are in similar condition and are under $2000. My main question is about which motor is better? Is the 2.4 litre model actually much better in terms of torque and performance, or does it just suck way more fuel? It seems like by the mid 80s all the anti pollution crap they were putting on cars seemed to be choking their performance and economy. Is the 1.8 litre motor close in terms of power but more economical? I will be using whichever truck I buy for work so I need it to be strong enough to lug tools and timber around. I slightly prefer the look of the 1980 model but am worried the 1.8 litre motor will be underpowered. So, 2.4 model or 1.8, whats ya opinions?
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