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  1. Hey Mike - just wanted to follow up and say thank you. My '82 720 passed emissions with no problem after following your guidance.
  2. Thanks Mike! I'll do this over the weekend. One more question - should I be concerned that I don't have a Boost Control Unit? Mostly from a safety perspective.
  3. Or rather, should there be a port on my intake manifold that I can connect to?
  4. Thanks Mike. I'll add a T and connect the vacuum advance in the same way it came from the factory. For the canister purge to intake vacuum, are you recommending to connect it to the air cleaner assembly? There are two ports under the air box assembly that are currently unused. Revised plan #2 below:
  5. Here are some photos of my carb and surrounding equipment:
  6. Hello all I searched past topics and couldn't find a thread specific to my case. I inherited an '82 720 with an Emissions Control System that was completely removed. In my state (AZ), the truck passed the emissions test, but failed the equipment test. Essentially all of the emissions control system was removed and the three hoses coming from the canister were cut and just hanging there. I can easily connect the fuel tank vapor vent line, but since the current setup is so drastically different from the original, I'm unsure where to route the Ported Vacuum and Canister Pu
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