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  1. Just taking a review. I am trying to reduce the inventory and clear up some space before winter. I show I have 4 of the Truck L320 windshields 3 green tint and 1 clear . I will sell them below cost as long as I can put this in 1 order either picked up or shipped per customer request. Just $740 for all 4 windshields, ends up costing $185 each. Add $25 windshield box fee. I may have a few other classic Datsun windshields let me know 1 time deal!
  2. I appreciate the reply Steve. I know they are far and few between in New England. We definitely have the Datsun Roadsters locally but not the Trucks here. Just so everyone knows reading this. I am geared for still boxing it and all I need is a deal from someones freight carrier. We have no responsibility with the carrier. I will do my best and take a few days to get it packed up. I believe there are 3 green tint and 1 clear windshield. We have a lot of glass trying to find a home from over the years
  3. Just an fyi we have a few new windshields left since we closed our business. We have no way of shipping even though we have boxes. They are $200 rock bottom cash and carry to be picked up or delivered locally while they last. I have clear one and 3 tint ones. Its $25 windshield carton if you want it stored safely. This is the 320L we sold many over the years good fit and quality. Richard Cell 978 790 4657 Andover, MA 01810 email:r.tankel@comcast.net Pictures can be texted..
  4. Thanks for all the support. I did not leave the business abruptly but just could not ship any longer- the changes in the industry to ship glass products became impossible to deal with and run any operation without losing money. Good luck to all and if you are in the New England area, still have Datsun glass, some few pieces.
  5. No longer as of summer 2019. Sorry to say but a relief. Long time in industry. Time to move into another chapter not retiring soon.
  6. We recently stocked a few pieces both clear and factory green tint. We got stuck with this inventory when we closed operations down. That means No Shipping and eager to sell cheap. These are good quality correct thickness of glass made in Taiwan. They have been a proven quality fit since they were first produced about 10 years ago.Wholesale price is $280 now at $220!! Cash only picked up. Ask about our windshield boxes for $25 stored til you need it installed. Richard Cell 978 790 4657 Email:r.tankel@comcast.net
  7. We are officially closed but still have some glass available. This is a new Tall Roadster windshield. The wholesale price is $175 or $200 retail. It is only priced at $125 picked up. It may have a small flaw but nothing noticeable. Correct thickness, light green tint throughout. These are the same manufacturers that we sold this for years. It is a pick up price No Shipping! Add $25 for windshield carton. Will have it packed and stored if you prefer. Richard Cell 978 790 4657 or email r.tankel@comcast.net
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