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    Mx6,626, Silverado, g20 van, c15 gmc, and my 720
  1. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    This for just injectors or both injectors and CAS? Im assuming if batt volts and ohms are incorrect check wiring and plugs and if good replace as needed? Is the CAS a replaceable part or is it best just to get a whole new dizzy?
  2. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    Yes sir I do and please! Is there a test procedure for the CAS as well?
  3. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    I had the battery completely out of truck for 20+minutes one day tinkering with vacuum lines and other things. So unless the ecu can hold memory for that long I would think those codes are current troubles. Or am I wrong in that? Im going off previous experience with my Mazdas but every manufacturer is different.
  4. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    The cas is in the dizzy correct?
  5. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    I did it today. I got 11 and 43.
  6. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    Yea I knew the over rich part but I didnt know how to start diag with these bc of my lack of knowledge on these particular trucks.
  7. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    Limp in/limp home same thing just heard both from different manufacturers is all. But thank you very much for a place to start!
  8. Mtrcr

    Limp in mode

    I recently purchase my first 720(bound to get more) it’s an 86 king cab st with the z24i 5spd 4x4. It is rev limited to about 3000 rpm. I posted in the Facebook page for 720s and was told it’s possibly the tps(or throttle sensor) but how do I go about checking this? I don’t have a fsm yet so I’m lost at the moment.
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