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  1. So guys like us can slap turbos on it hahaha
  2. In wondering if that’s how that one guy I mentioned previously was able to pull off running 12psi of boost. By having it run supper rich and counteracting this with more air. He was saying that 12psi was the sweet spot for him for air fuel ratio if he went higher it was too lean, lower it was too rich and with the low rpm range on these maybe it would be alright, obviously it would be super rich when the turbos not spooling though...but better than super lean I’m not concerned about economy when I do the turbo set up as this truck is just a toy and won’t be de a daily driver or even real
  3. Haha all good I got the answer I was looking for in the end. It looks like the previous owner of this d21 “deleted” the O2 sensor and decided to just jam a bolt in the bung on the front of the exhaust manifold and weld it up....I’m assuming that’s where it went anyway as there’s no other bungs within reach of the O2 wire plug, should I go through the effort and cut it back off and install one? I know it’s probably been asked a million times and I’ve read a lot of contradicting posts on this topic but what emissions systems can I remove without hurting performance?
  4. I have the tendency to over explain things and make it more confusing than it needs to be sometime haha. Perfect, that’s exactly what I was hoping the hear! I will likely go grab that motor this weekend. So far I really enjoy working on this truck, everything is quite simple, easy to understand, and easy to work on, besides the rusty bits haha I’m up in Canada so it’s rare to find one of these that are manual, 4x4, and not completely rotted out so I’m pretty excited just to get this one running and moving on it’s own power.
  5. Sorry I may not have been clear in my post. I would be putting a z24 motor into a 1986.5 d21 that was originally a z24i that I pulled the motor out of to rebuild so all the wiring, ecu, exhaust manifold, and fuel pump are already in the truck, I just want to make sure the z24i intake, tbi, and CAS would bolt up and work on a z24 motor out of a wrecked 86 720 that I would be putting into the d21. The 720 it came out of only had 120,000kms and still ran like a top when he pulled it and he’s only asking 250$ for it, which is cheaper than I can buy a master rebuild kit and valves for my z24i motor
  6. Thanks for the reply datzenmike I was hoping you would chime in as you seem to have a wealth of knowledge on these motor. So just to clarify for me. I could run the z24 motor if I swap over my z24i intake, tbi throttle body, oil pump, and crank position sensor/distributor? I chatted with a fellow that boosted a z24i using all stock internals, Ecu, and injector and he claims he got 3 years out of it running on 12 psi! Till it popped, and says it ran just happy the whole time. I don’t plan on dailying this truck or anything, more of just a toy around the acreage and out in
  7. Hey guys I have a 1986.5 d21 4x4 5 speed I am currently in the process of rebuild the motor and plan on turboing it I bought the truck not running and it had a blown head gasket and sat for awhile with coolant in the #1 cylinder so I’m doing a full tear down, hone, and new pistons and valves. In the meantime I found a low km z24 with a 5 speed 2x4 out of a 86 720 that was running when pulled out, it’s priced very fair and is close by so I’m thinking of throwing that in for now. I’ve looked through the forums but haven’t found anyone that’s converted a carbe
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