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  1. we will be running a booster, a delete is not a realistic option for us, especially with the 1" willwood the booster that came on our truck is in rough shape, though i dont know if it is just cosmetic or not. does anyone know a good place to source good ones if ours turns out to be faulty?
  2. no space restraints just want to try and beef everything up as much as possible.
  3. engine looks to be a bit closer than it is in reality, but i think thats about where we want it to be, as far back as possibly with acceptable clearance to keep the maximum amount of weight behind the front wheels it was a bummer the blades were too much for our truck, but i think these will look even better and have the added value of being unobtanium.
  4. hey guys quick question to start this off, what upgraded brake booster and master cylinder options do i have now that i'm running 4 wheel discs anyway i have a small update, making progress every weekend for the most part got the new engine mounts from]2eDeYe as i guess mine were from a previous version, also spaced the trans up to have the engine sit at the right spot. we're happy with how it is now. we also got the limited slip backlash set and installed the LSD into our axle. we had a cylindrical spacer machined to sit in between the 2 axle for the hollow
  5. Valvebounce, This is us test fitting the cab on the frame, the damage is minimal and we wanted to make sure we painted while the weather was accommodating. not sure the point youre trying to make. thanks for the kind words everyone, not looking likely that the truck will be done before the clock ticks 20:21 but we are certainly well on the way. my father is building a new garage and house (notice how garage comes first, it always does) so progress on this scale may slow until that is finished.
  6. updates on the truck...mostly just photos of the painting progress and a cab on frame shot or 2. after 2 rounds of block sanding and priming, there is still some work to touch up the paint, but overall the truck looks incredible. too bad we gotta fix some scratches on the firewall because the mounts held the motor too far towards the back, no big deal but still!
  7. the website you linked says the original MSRP was 3,359 USD
  8. welcome to the forum, i found this thread from the 510 realm,http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=9693 but i would caution against going CA, parts are hard to find for this motor as most people go SR. if i had to be honest keeping an eye out for a good KA is the way to go. readily available information along with a lot better parts availability. the CA is a neat little motor, but the KA will make more power for less money over the long run.
  9. we are also going to have to do some modification of the swaybar to allow it to fit. we were thinking of just moving the mounting place forward on the frame to give it better clearance with the coilovers.
  10. hard to say for sure, UV cured materials like this tend to have much broader ranges of operating temperature. i would expect this material to be good until at least 60C as for making them and selling them, this was printed on a 3d printer that gets a lot more important jobs than this flange gasket. i dont think i will be able to make them regularly. If i buy a lot of my own material i might be able to figure it out what it would take for me to make them. i also have no idea what i would charge for something like that. We will see how it all works out
  11. Got the part printed! a video of the mechanical properties is also attached. i think it will do just fine.
  12. we will be SLA printing with Formlabs Flexible
  13. turned a corner... everythings gonna start to come together shortly
  14. it might need to go through some design revisions. since I am using work stuff I dont know how the ethics would work as far as selling them. I might buy some of my own material to print them but we will see. A beefy collar is on the list but I want to see how it works/fits with the current geometry.
  15. we will be putting the cab over the motor, if any adjustment is necessary we will make it without cutting the firewall or the tunnel, i think the way we have the motor sitting right now should be pretty close to where we need it to be. as far as the drag link, it looks like our mounts hold the motor a bit farther forward, but we are close to clearing the pan as is, some gentle massaging should clear it with some room to spare. sorry for the lack of posts but I've been too busy working, both at my job and on multiple vehicles and side projects (including a 2jz, but this isnt the place for th
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