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  1. I am running KA-T in my s13 and working on SR20DET in my 620, from what I have heard you need to have a top mount manifold for the SR and I imagine the KA is the same. I used a CXRacing manifold in my s13, no complaints so far but it is cheap so be wary. What would be a major concern of mine is downpipe/exhaust/wastegate clearance. It gets very busy right around where the steering column/box is supposed to be, maybe running something with an internal wastegate is the only option, which would preclude you from using the CXracing manifold without modification of some kind.
  2. can't believe I didnt see this build until now. this is a sweet project! I'll definitely be checking in from now on :)
  3. the coilovers are DS401's front and rear with 9ht450 springs in the front and 250 in the rear
  4. long road ahead but boy is it gonna be worth it
  5. What did you get it out of and how? I don't think I can find a unicorn d21 with an lsd in a junkyard and I sure as hell don't want a phantom grip messing everything up, but I don't know the right avenues to source limited slip gearing from overseas and wouldn't know what to look for if I did. Thank you for the recommendation!
  6. Got the turbo! It's somewhat more used than initially thought but it should clean up nicely. I do have another question in addition to the LSD, we want to get the steering box rebuilt or replaced and are looking for somewhere relatively local to Massachusetts to get it done. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas that might be able to tackle that? Or are there other options that may be possible? Thanks all!
  7. lots of work to catch up on- below are photos showing the painting and reassembling of tyhe suspension/steering and frame thanks for the support everyone! as far as our skills/abilities, we just have the means to get all of this work done. I'm sure anyone here reading these posts is far more qualified and capable than my father and I, but we appreciate all of the love and positive feedback regardless 🙂 going to pick up the turbo tomorrow, a gt2860rs "Disco Potato" getting a pretty good deal on a lightly used one for just under $400 question for all of the vets out there, if we are looking to convert our diff to LSD what is our best option? thanks fam. heres some photos of the other nissans hanging around the driveway, just because.
  8. quick addendum to the previous post- we already got the frame and rear end back from the sandblaster, 1 day....can you believe it? look at this thing.
  9. based on jason's suggestion, we did Qa1 ds401 coilovers with 9ht450 springs for the front and 9ht250 for the rear
  10. okay so there is some more things to update on First of all the cab has been primed and is pretty much ready to go onto the car and have final bodywork and paint done We also finished the rear suspension mock up and final welding. The photos are of all of the crossmembers tacked in place but I promise, they are much more than that now, so don't worry. I have a sunburn from my time behind the trigger so I hope this brings some joy to you to make it worth it. the frame is off to the sandblaster and the bottom of the bed will be painted while it is out. My sx needs a new flywheel so that gets the garage this weekend but there should be some more movement on this in the coming weeks.
  11. Certainly shows me that I don't have everything I need. I found a listing on ebay that has a good photo of the missing knuckle in question. Now I gotta find one for each side. https://imgur.com/a/z8jhbl4 Edit: mission accomplished on a snowy day at a local junkyard. Now onto the rear suspension
  12. we also got the cab back from sandblasting and we are making some progress on the bodywork. it's times like this that make me really appreciate my father's love of bodywork. the less i have to do with the cosmetics the better the results will be. bottom of the floors painted got to working on the roof as well
  13. okay so some more updates from the past couple of weeks Chopping up the old suspension mounting points what it took to get the old bushings out welded on the new strut mounts and pressed in the new bushings mocking up the LCA's for welding on the bracket on the other side of the frame which brings us to the end of the work on the front suspension, we assembled the coilovers and put it together, but it left us with a big question mark instead of the gratification we were looking for. Our spindles are clearly not the correct ones. we purchased them out of a wrecked D21 on ebay, which is what we were supposed to get, the years lined up and the geometry worked great for these control arms. but the spindles don't have the ability to interface with our steering like the ones from jasons photos that he sent us. Our question is what are these from? We want to make sure we avoid this situation when we buy our next set. Also if anyone has any leads on spindles let me know, the only ones I can find new are 2" drop spindles and I don't think we need that with the coilovers. here are the ones we got and here is what we need
  14. glad to hear the community is as strong as it is up here. we are located in gloucester. as far as our fab skills, you guys have only been able to see us tear stuff apart, nothing about putting it together yet!! i think we can manage with what we bring to the table though. looking forward to talking shop once all of the projects are finished and its safe for everyone to leave their caves.
  15. thanks everyone for your input. we havent got the motor back from the engine builder yet so we havent dug into which harness we are going to use and why. some updates on progress made over the last few weeks We found this manual from 75 in the back behind the seat, it has already proven useful for a lot of the switch removal from the dash and suspension disassembly. Speaking of the dash, that came out too, along with everything else in the cab so it could be send to get sandblasted the heater core and shifter came out after this photo Had a small disagreement with the lower control arm bolts that needed some serrated persuasion to be removed but we were able to remove the front suspension along with all of the lines affixed to the frame Next steps are to start mocking up the performance suspension parts for the fronts, welding them in place and then moving on to the rear disassembly and mock up. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping busy. As a side note, we have a lot of leftover suspension parts, and a whole L20/auto trans that we have no use for. if anyone in the boston area wants anything that came off of the truck that wont be used in the upgraded suspension kit or with the new engine, let me know and we can figure something out
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