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  1. Mathius

    Slamming a 620..

    I was thinking of boxing it as well. If for nothing more than piece of mind. I can get a 6" cutoff of Sched 40 pipe, and some 1/4" plate easy enough to rig my own setup.. The only reason I want to do the notch is for hauling stuff. But I'm still feeling a 4" block. It's basically gonna be a parts hauler, and junk runner. But I have a certain look in my head, and don't want to compromise.
  2. Mathius

    Slamming a 620..

    That is a heavy duty looking C-notch! The fishplating, and size are impressive. Theres no doubt that its strong.. lol
  3. Mathius

    Slamming a 620..

    All really good info. Thanx everybody. Thankfully I can weld a bit. I'm no expert. But I can stick 2 pieces together, and I have friends with nice 220v gas units.. I found these on Ebay for $50. I was thinking I could save some work, and just weld these in. 1/4" steel. 10" wide. By 4, 3/4" tall with a 5, 1/2" inside width. Do you folks think they would work?? I haven't had a chance to crawl under the truck for measurements. But I'm gonna pull the box off one of these days, and I'll start tossing some build pictures around.
  4. Mathius

    Slamming a 620..

    Cool! Thanx for the input. So as far as a notch goes, it would have to be custom tho right?
  5. Mathius

    Slamming a 620..

    So I'm new to the forum. But have been looking threw these pages for years. I'm looking for some info on dropping the rear of my truck. The truck is a 77' 620. I've had a 720, and a few Hardbody's over the years. Are these the same as far as drop blocks? 3 inch is all I can go before banging frame, or can I do a 4 inch? I'm also looking for info on c-notching this thing. Weather it'll have to be a custom notch, or........
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