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  1. Another big update today! First, we picked up a roll bar a few months back from a gentleman who builds them out here in LA. It still needs a harness/cross bar welded in, but Dad fitted/painted/installed it for now. Below you can see a few pictures of the mock up/test fit. Then the bar was painted body color and installed! Also here you can see the rear side windows installed and the b-pillars all painted up with SEM trim paint to match the window frames. This is one of my favorite photos of the car thus f
  2. Big update for everyone! As of a couple weeks ago, the car runs and drives under its own power! The car basically fired right up after plumbing the remainder of the fuel system and buttoning up a few small items. No video of the first start right now, but we have something better: a flyby! Listen to that induction noise! The 18RG runs very strong even with a slight lean condition at the moment. There is a bit of oil burning, and the transmission is a bit noisier than we were hoping it would be, but its quick! The torque of the 2.0L is lovely. Keep in mind this car
  3. Ted this is so badass!! Thank you for sharing!! It's really cool to see that car/all the rest running. This was all before my time! :D
  4. Once the wiring was all set, we could finally do a finished assembly on the dash panel. Before that could take place, the dash and rear seat delete panels need to be coated with the previously chosen wrinkle black finish. Initially we were going to use VHT spray and work the wrinkles in manually with a heat gun, but after a bit of deliberation we determined powder coating would be a much better and more durable option. The end result was very satisfying and looks fantastic! First the rear panels were mocked up in their final position. Looking good!
  5. Time for an update! Dad has been working extremely hard to finish up the wiring and we are beginning to inch closer and closer to that first drive! This part of the project was extremely daunting, but with patience and the well labeled/designed Painless wiring kit, the overall process was…. relatively painless. We wanted the dash panel to be 100% removable and serviceable so the wiring harness attached to all the gauges and switches had to be on a separate loom. Below was a relatively early mock-up of some of the wiring. Once the location of the fuse box and rela
  6. Tackling the exhaust was high on the priority list while the car was up in the air on jack stands. The exhaust that came on the car was basically junk so we scrapped everything rearward of the header collector. After cutting/shaping/ fitting repeatedly, we ended up with this: Front and mid section joined together by V-bands. Muffler selected was a Borla Pro XS. Below you can see the rear section all welded up with hangers included. Here is how the subframe area looks all mocked up. Pretty clean! A small section
  7. Since we got the car the brake pedal never had any pressure, so now that the suspension was sorted it was time to address the braking system. Ideas for front hardlines were kicked around, but at the end of the day we determined stainless steel softlines would do the job just find and be much more workable. All front lines were custom/hand made out of DOT approved braided lines/fittings and diligently checked over after a good bleed. The results speak for themselves! Below is an example of the fittings/lines used throughout. And all buttoned up! Close up
  8. Rear-end time. The plan for this car is to convert to true rear coilovers. First Dad dropped own the crusty old rear end. We have a running theory that the car was semi-submerged at some point, as evidenced by the insane level of crud all over everything. All blown apart and semi cleaned up. No serious rust or damage on the trailing arms and subframe! Differential is unfortunately open with 4:10 ratio. That will be addressed at some point… Subframe get
  9. Let’s talk about the dash. In these first few photos you can see the dash that came with the car. Basically the bent/twisted and bare frame of the original Datsun dashboard. Reskinning the original dash was an option on the table, but at the end of the day a full custom dash was really the only way to go. Some more CAD work and we had a nice template to work from. Note the gauge placement mock up. Oh look real versions of the printed pictures. Stewart Warner was used for all but one of the gauges. These are period correct gauges and were
  10. Next let’s take a look at some of the interior items. First off, the seats. As this car will be mainly driven on the street, have no rear seat, and a roll bar, the front seats needed to be sporty, but still comfortable enough to drive for long durations and fit multiple drivers/passengers. We never really liked the look of more modern Sparco/Recaro/Bride seat in 510s, and wanted a bit more period correct set of buckets. Like most of us, I browse craigslist daily for deals, and randomly ran across some interesting seats that I had never seen before. They were advertised as vintage rally seats,
  11. Once the bay was looking good, the cast iron (surprisingly somewhat tubular) exhaust manifold was sticking out like a sore thumb in the bay. That got refinished and is looking much better. Also below you can see the DP racing steering box brace installed along with some custom motor mount spacers made from space age material (aka high density cutting board). Then attentions turned to suspension. Everything in the suspension needed replacing, with most of it having the quality of workmanship best illustrated in the following photo:
  12. Great question. There are a few reasons we chose to run the rad setup in its current configuration: 1. There are really no off the shelf and affordable options for radiators with the outlets in the 18RG configuration. This was a $50 radiator that was an oem option. 2. The radiator is dual pass so it has to exit on the far side. 3. We have yet to really prove the longevity/viability of the 18RG. Once we know the motor is good, and we are satisfied with the way it runs/drives there will be an investment in a nicer customer rad with proper outlets.
  13. Simon you will have a great time. Best JDM show in SoCal. Not going to make it in the 510 this year but I think I will bring the E30 out! See everyone Saturday.
  14. Once the carbs were cleaned, we threw in some new NGK plugs, changed the oil/filter, and fired the car up for the first time in many years! Hearing the throatiness of the dual Mikunis and the rasp from the exhaust was beautiful to experience. I think we have a video somewhere of that first start which I will try to get uploaded… Now that we knew it was a runner, it was time for more work to really move forward. First we test fit some trumpets on the carbs for fun… This car will have foam air filters, but the open trumpets are just so damn cool. In these photos you can
  15. On a trip home from Spring Mountain Raceway in Nevada, Dad stopped in at BRE to get the car certified as a BRE tribute car. So awesome! Back home and back to work. With paint and body in a good place, it was time to tackle the 18RG. The engine turned over smoothly, so we were hopeful it wouldn’t take a ton of effort get the thing to fire up. Below are a few reference photos I took of the engine before initial tear down. First step was to completely go through the twin 40mm Mikunis that had definitely seen
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