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  1. this is all the video I have so far
  2. until
    ADDRESS: 1100 Eagle Vista Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90041 Vendors: $30 EACH parking space . SHOW CARS $8 dollars entry that includes 1 car and driver. passenger or walk ins $3 dollars. Vendors: EXTRA parking spaces are $30 EACH so 2 spaces $60 and 3-$90 so plan accordingly. First come.... First parked....EVERYTHING MUST BE PARKED BY 8AM (that includes Tow Rigs) place your event card on your dash so it can be seen by event staff we had almost 50 vendors last time so you will have to park in the assigned space. if you disagree with the assigned space, (remember first come first park) and give attitude you will be asked to leave. This show has grown and the space has not so, now all cars that have not paid in the show will have to park outside. I'm there at 4am so you can get there early and get a good space. If towing a vehicle, you must contact to get a tow rig $60 secure spot. If you are a Vendor and show up late you will have to unload your vehicle and park you car outside, unless cleared by Jose Santos. NO BAD ATTITUDES, NO BURNOUTS, NO ALCOHOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have FUN & THANK YOU !!! For more information please contact Jose Santos at (323)972-3737 or email Bluebirdsss@netzero.net Z parts call Ranman 916-496-7750 510 parts call The510keeper James 530-575-0911
  3. Hi I’m the kid. And no I don’t really watch TV.
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