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  1. S.E. Portland recently...Looks good!
  2. Yes, I wish there was a disposable paper filter available. Guess I'll try soap and water, then used compressed air to blow dry from inside to out and then mist with some wd-40. Thanks for the advise!
  3. I've never had a vehicle with a non stock air filter. My 74 620 has a Weber on it and just eye balling it, it looks clean, but how often should they be hosed down? What is the procedure? Wash in the sink with detergent? Spray with brake cleaner or carb cleaner? Do they need to be oiled and with what oil? Thanks!
  4. Saw this ad....don't know what the bumpers like, but the price is right! https://modesto.craigslist.org/pts/d/modesto-datsun-parts/7200676322.html
  5. Just an update. I checked all the connections and grounds and was still getting around 12.3 volts. An alternator shop near me had a rebuilt for $38! Once in, it was generating 16+ volts to the battery, so I needed a new voltage regulator too! Once that was in, I now have a steady 14.3 so I guess I'm good to go for now! Thanks for all the help!
  6. Now that you mention it, I did notice the lid to the voltage regulator was sloppy, with one screw missing and the other loose. I tightened the remaining screw and found a poor replacement screw for the other side. The red charge light always comes on at start and goes out once it's running. Loose voltage regulator lid cause a bad ground? Guess I'll have to go test again!
  7. Well I believe the radio issue was just the battery being super low. The truck started...barely. After driving 10 miles and stopping...dead...had to get a jump to start and made my way home. All I have is a 3 amp "Battery Tender" smart charger I use on my motorcycles. Battery took about 8-10 hours to fully charge, but truck starts and no more radio cut out when I step on the brake pedal. Took some voltmeter measurements: Truck off 13.0 volts At idle 12.68 At idle with lights 12.23 2 K rpm with lights 12.32 The battery is only a few months old, so it appears the alternator is kaput? Connections and belt all look good. I know others mod in bigger more stout alternators, but I'm not going to run any big lights or stereos...just the radio. Best option for a plug and play alternator? I know A-zone had new and rebuilt ones at 35 amp that are inexpensive...any brands that are superior? B.
  8. Thanks...I'll try and see if turning on the headlights reproduces it. I suppose my alternator may be weak and cause this....The idiot light doesn't come on though. Perhaps when current alternator dies I'll put in something more potent...till then, I hope this is the worst of my problems.
  9. Starter cranks over just fine. I believe I had the running lights on but not the headlights while this was happening. All other lights are working (except the dome light, which has never worked). I've replaced all the fuses recently, although I'm not sure of the quality of the Harbor Freight fuses. Radio doesn't turn on unless I have the ignition on or turned to the left. So the only electrical things not working are the dome light, cigarette lighter, and the useless dimmer knob which doesn't seem to do a thing.
  10. 74 620 Not much of a problem, but for the last week I've noticed my radio cuts out when I step on the brake pedal. It turns back on after one second or so, even if I hold the pedal down. Being an electrical idiot, any ideas what I can check? The radio is an old Blaupunk that came with the truck, so I don't know how it's wired in there. The cigarette lighter has never had power, so I'm wondering if the radio was connected to that power source. Thanks! Brett
  11. Yes, I didn't realize at first these were both synthetics. I put 10-40 Delo dino oil in my truck and was curious if the Shell was any better. Truck seems to take too long to warm up with the 10-40 (2.5 miles to work) so I'm planning on switching to a lighter weight at the next oil change. From this guys analysis, it looked like the Shell might have more zinc than the Delo though.
  12. I know oil threads are odious, but I saw this on another forum and thought it was interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-yt5a1cWd4
  13. Truck looks good...keep the photos coming.
  14. Obviously the "Club" is a joke to a serious car thief, they just ended up mangling my steering wheel. The glass, door locks and ignition seem intact, so they must have had a ground down key or something to start it. I thought I was safe in my employee parking lot, but not so. Never thought of a kill switch....I suppose I could pop the rotor out of the distributor each time I park, but what a hassle and they'll still steal the goodies off the outside of the truck. Brett
  15. So I got my truck back, minus the wheels, grille, badges, battery, steering wheel damaged. It's been sitting in an insurance lot for a week now. I'm trying to put stuff back together, but wheels will be the first thing. It is a 74 with the fronts converted to discs. I tried some stock 620 wheels with a 1/4 spacers on the fronts and they still hit the caliper. Will 720 wheels work? I need to find 4 boring truck tires to drive around with till the insurance comes through and I can buy something better. What generic model truck wheels might fit? Brett
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