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  1. I bought a Z/510 o ring off eBay. Tired of this tank but at least Datsun put in a drain and an access panel in the bed.
  2. The sender o ring was so bad that when I pulled in my angled driveway fuel was spilling out with a full tank.
  3. As in what seeps into the fuel door? Or the evap can in the bed wheel well? The original sender o ring was shot and figured the water came from washing the mud off the chassis.
  4. We have actually got some rain and between that and a trip to the dump and trying to get the truck clean we got water in the tank. Found an O ring for a Z so hopefully that fixes that. Finally got the valve cover back from powder coat.
  5. I agree. This was a compromise. Truck is low so most people will see it. Other low cars will not. If I were to run it in the cab the option earlier in this post would be better.
  6. Day and night. Pictures don’t really do the light justice. The high is 800 lumens.
  7. It is loud especially compared to modern cars. Compared to some of mine it is pretty quite. The insulated cab makes it fine, can talk while driving. It does set of my neighbors car alarm though. Is anyone going to eagle rock?
  8. No plans for paint. He wants patina and I don’t want to be mad if he scratches it. That’s why I bought a green parts truck so we wouldn’t need to paint. The daylight pic is above, I will get a night shot later. It has a low/running brightness and a high/brake brightness.
  9. Finally got the mirror arm from Japan. Added a universal mirror, a tip I found on ratsun. 15” fentons came in and got those polished. Had some Toyo’s mounted today. Installed the third brake light on the box. Gets an alignment next week. Just waiting on the valve cover from the powder coater.
  10. Finally got around to trying to fix the fuel tank pickup. Decided to use the original location. Little sketchy but broke off the nipple on the tank. Drilled the tube flush and removed it. Amazed it got any fuel at all. Almost completely clogged and assume there are pin holes also. Made a new one out of 4AN stainless and a bulkhead fitting. Tried to bubble flare the top nibble but the stainless was too think. Pain to get in and tight but new tanks aren’t an option. Also found a staggered set on 15x8.5/15x6.5 Fenton slotted mags. Should have then next week. Still waiting on fuel sender
  11. Yeah pretty much. But he still gets what he wants in the end.
  12. My son is definitely gets the final say on his truck. I have a tendency to take things over so I have been really putting forth effort to make sure he has control. I found a set of staggered fentons.
  13. They all seem to be in Malaysia for some reason.
  14. He likes old school. He’s more conservative than I am. I got him a header, he wanted the roadster manifold. I got him dual side drafts, he opted for the 32/36 on an old offenhauser manifold. I say big steelies, he says 14” mags. Rolls are kind of reversed.
  15. You are right. I’m not exactly a people person. I can fix cars, not people. Plus I wanted his first car not to suck. Mine did. Opel GT that was won on the price is right in 1972. Never ran right, improperly installed cam bearings. Sold it to a guy in the Netherlands and joined the Navy.
  16. I generally agree but torsion bars and leaf springs do not make for performance handling. I was not however expecting them to crack from being torqued. Got them from a guy that had a 521 and they are easily 70-80’s vintage. Quality issues with cheap wheels (pre china) were the reason for the Sema certification. My son is picky. If it were my truck I would either go smoothie steel wheels or jdm. It is a common pattern but it is either 15’ wagon wheels or 17+ most of the time. Six lug was not meant for 2250lb mini trucks.
  17. Some anonymous 14x7 slotted mags we got for $100. No stamps besides a Sema cert. I second the SSR comment. About to send the centers for my Mini Cooper off to get coated.
  18. Noticed last night that one of the mags we got has cracked. On the hunt for new rims again. What are most guys running? Stock steelies with hubcaps?
  19. I have no hobbies, just build stuff. Really none of us watch tv. He missed a lot of the small stuff, you know the stuff that actually makes a car decent to drive. Like tightening can mounts, making linkages, replacing worn pedal pins, lubing window tracks, cleaning connectors, etc;. He was there for all the big stuff, used his truck as a teaching platform. Between school, wrestling and Boy Scouts I still had to get the truck done.
  20. I bought several when we were still in Japan but they all left the gap and no turn signals. The truck came with a later model wheel so I bought a 521 wheel off eBay but it was pretty beat. When we got the parts truck the stock wheel was in good shape so I cut down the eBay wheel. I shortened it to move the wheel closer to the dash and drilled it for the nardi steering wheel adapter disc and put 4” heat shrink around it. The steering shaft stuck out too far so I bought a 1/2” spacer for the horn. Turned out pretty well. Like that it is a bit further away. The panel in the middle of
  21. Yes to all. Plastic bottom. Indexed oil pump drive as it was too retarded. I read the same about the modules. Hoping to pick up something better in eagle rock.
  22. I can promise that the truck has adequate grounds to support the negative lead being put anywhere. The easiest and most obvious would be the engine itself anyway so It will be a non issue.
  23. I redundant ground. Batt to chassis, body to batt, engine to batt, body to chassis, engine to chassis, engine to body. starter needs a ground path but so does ignition.
  24. New Ignition Distributor Fits For Nissan Datsun L16 L18 180B 200B L20 620 Truck BlueBird Stanza https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KPRCQM2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5jqRDbZVNBC9E yes to louder than it is fast but it sounds quite good actually.
  25. Sorry. Was camping in Yosemite. The jumpers are pretty close but son wanted both. I only have positive on my 58 and use chassis like wayno said. I told him for jumping to do the same. It is convenient for timing lights, air compressors, etc; he’s a Boy Scout and I am sure it will come in handy at some point. They have covers so I am not worried about jumper cables shorting if he uses positive and chassis for negative. The muffler is too loud for someone that likes quite but he wanted to be heard and as a parent it is harder for him to sneak out. When I made his exhaust I added V ban
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