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  1. Hello all, On saturday, I took my truck to the mechanic, the problem was a missing bolt between the Transmission and the Engine, due the lack of this, the tranny got apart from the engine about 1 inch so the clutch wouldn't latch/unlatch well. Thanks all for the help and opinions.
  2. Hello to all, Guys thanks a lot for your help, I think i will get the clutch checked this weekend.
  3. Thank you both guys, I will look into the clutch first and hope it gets better.
  4. Those are the symptoms, exactly those, but I wanted to give a refresh to the tranny also.
  5. In the case that my transmission comes with the 56mm bearing diameter, would de syncro-rings be the same for every FS5W71 tranny? I mean, could I purchase any rebuild kit for any kind of FS5W71B tranny and use the syncro-rings?
  6. Yes, I used GL4 fluid, however, the truck ran pretty well before that, thought that it would improve the driving, but I see it didn't.
  7. So buddy, basically you're saying that theres no way of knowing the counter bearing diameter without taking down the tranny? That is sad.
  8. I replaced the tranny oil on saturday, but the getting the shifted turned really hard when I try to get each speed in. I thought it was necessary to replace the syncronizers and bearings inside it.
  9. Hello Guys, I'm looking for a bit of help. I own a 1984 Z24 4x4 Long Bed nissan 720 pick-up and I am looking forward rebuilding my transmission, which is a FS5W71B according to the tag placed on the right door frame of the truck. The thing is that I've found out plenty of rebuiild kits online ones with 61 mm counter bearing OD and others with 60 mm counter bearing OD. The main question is, Which one should I buy? If any additional info is requiered in order to answer my question, please let me know. Thanks in advance amigos, Greetings from Mexico.
  10. Thank you very much for your help guys. I've still haven't tried the oil thing, hopefully I wil do it this coming weekend. Have an awesome Tuesday.
  11. Hello Guys, I'm new inside the fascinating nissan 720 world and here is the thing, Recently I've got myself a nissan 720 4x4 1984 model, but the rear diff makes an horrible noise the question is, Can I swap a 1986 720 2wd rear diff to my 1984 4wd truck? The thing is where I live there are no many options to get a rear diff besides this '86 truck. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
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