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  1. Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well and keeping safe during these difficult times. Just an update on the weather seals: we still have some in stock, ready to be shipped out. The price is still the same: 198 USD for a set of LR RH seals. Shipping is 53 USD to the US, for 1-2 sets. Due to the current situation, shipping costs and times will fluctuate. If you're interested in placing an order, please get in touch with me here or on my Facebook: I'm active on the Datsun Parts and Needs Facebook group and have listed the seals for sale there.
  2. Hey @DylanFM, right now we don't have a Datsun 320 door frame with us -- we borrowed some for the vent rubbers, but returned them after the fitment tests were done. If we were to make these strips, we'd need an original sample and door frame.
  3. A happy new year to everyone! Just a quick update: everyone who's placed an order and paid for their seals has received them. Thanks again to everyone who made this project successful! For anyone who missed the boat on the pre-orders, please get in contact with me via private message, email, or Facebook. @ol' 320 I've sent you a follow-up email; please check your inbox and get back to me at your convenience. Thank you!
  4. Probably, though it'll take longer than expected. I've a few people who've contacted me but no takers yet. Most are balking at the price, though I've explained to them that it comes with the riskiness and investment needed for a project of this nature. We've plans to list on Amazon, but selling restrictions for certain product categories -- including auto parts -- make it trickier than expected. For the time being, I've asked people to email or PM me directly to place an order. I've suggested eBay as another sales channel to Mr. Kitisak. I'll follow up on this after people get back from their new year's holidays.
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for your pre-orders for the 320 window seals! There are a few people who haven't paid -- if you placed a pre-order and am still waiting for your invoice, please let me know. Almost everyone who's paid for their pre-order has received their seals -- there are 1-2 people who've received their DHL tracking number and their seals are on the way. Thanks again for making this project possible and Happy Holidays!
  6. I'll follow up with DHL and send you the tracking number as soon as they send it to me.
  7. Please let me know if you're waiting for a tracking number. We've sent them out to nearly everyone -- there's a few that DHL hasn't provided us yet.
  8. Yes, as long as there's sufficient interest in the seals we'll keep producing them! For anyone who'd like to order a set, please send a PM to me.
  9. Did you place a pre-order via the Google Forms sheet in this thread? If not, please send me a PM.
  10. @ol' 320 We produced a run of 100 sets, so we'll put the rest of them up on Amazon and eBay. Thank you very much your support as well in making this happen! Anyone interested in ordering a set can also contact us via PM or email (info@advanceauto.co.th). Price: $99/piece $198/set (left and right side) Price doesn't include shipping, which will vary depending on shipping method and location. I'll update this post with more pictures and info.
  11. Seals are being packed and shipped out. Thank you everyone for your support!
  12. @yoursurfer As @trakker98 said, we'll send you a Paypal invoice after filling out the Google Forms link. https://forms.gle/jCtbJyrgDR7PVSJD8
  13. Can Dario Omana and Jun Carreon please contact info@advanceauto.co.th about their pre-orders? We'll need some more info from the two of you before we can process your pre-orders. Thank you!
  14. Surface treating tools just arrived yesterday!
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