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  1. It is a lot better now. After standard tune up, I replaced the fuel filter and pump filter, and have been running premium 93 for around a month. Timing was also spot on. Running with no pinging now!
  2. Looking at replacing my rusted out exhaust. 1985 720 4x4 with carb Z24. Wanted to ask opinions mainly on a muffler. I would like something free flowing, not very restrictive, but also not obnoxiously loud. I've heard good about Walker, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and a few others.
  3. I've been thinking about swapping my stock carb. 1985 720 4x4 with Z24. I've heard good about both the stock and Weber and wanted to gauge some current opinions. What do y'all have (stock, Weber, etc.), how long have you had it, has it impacted your power, fuel economy, etc. Any info would be a huge help. There's a K646 kit online for $300 even, includes a genuine electric choke Redline Weber, adapter plate, linkage kit, and air filter. Also thinking about an MSD ignition box. Any comments on that as well would be appreciated!
  4. Replaced the fuel filter. About to replace the pump filter. Also ran some Seafoam through the tank and carb. I have the respective NGK plugs, brand new. I'll get on the timing though
  5. Hey y'all, figured I'd throw this out here and see if I could get any leads. 1985 720 King Cab 4x4 with carb Z24, 5-speed manual. Engine and carb were rebuilt around three years ago by previous owner. When driving in any gear, if you give it a good amount of gas on an incline or floor it while flat, you'll get varying amounts of knocking/pinging/detonating/static, whatever you want to call it, coming from up front. Only happens when giving it gas. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all, but if you're in 5th gear on a slight incline at 2400-3000 RPM, it is pretty bad. It will disappear most of the time once you hit a certain RPM, around 3200-3400 I'd say. I've done standard tune-up stuff, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, all good. I've read up a bit on detonation. Could be timing, compression, or something as simple as the gas, plugs, or lugging the motor. Any tips would be great!
  6. That's what I figured. Would you happen to know what Toyota would be comparable in size? I can weld if need be. Could also make one, but I would prefer for it to look half decent lol
  7. Anyone know where I can get a decent brush guard / pull bar? Maybe some lights as well (roof or bumper)? 1985 720 King Cab 4x4. Mines pretty much stock but I was looking at adding a few things. I'm having a hard time finding any "accessories."
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