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  1. I dont exactly want it ratted out, I just want mine to be different. i dont want to do flares id rather have a nice trim done to duplicate the front wheel opening.
  2. Has anyone trimmed their rear fender to accept larger tires and wheels I think this guy did it very Tastefully https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgpivhJjAvBtlnZ5noKXqKjlhbsG https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgpivhJjAvBtlneSWeJILxOH2Rx6
  3. Confused, are these all that resemble that wheel?
  4. 3 up from lower left corner https://petrolsupplyco.com/products/vintage-wheels-automotive-art-print
  5. oic, so I cant directly link to a 311 image?
  6. thanks... you got any suggestions? I saw some on here the other day that were the disk filled in look I kinda likes. Kinda like the old school outlaw?
  7. can you not see them? looks like 2man can?
  8. VTO 4 spoke and the mesh wheels
  9. Sorry bud here she is, I have since changed the mirrors
  10. plans I attempted to post?
  11. plans I attempted to post?? my apologies im still trying to get used to the interface here
  12. Well i posted the other day asking whats the deal with the same 4 type of wheels on all roadsters is it due to the availability of wheels with our certain offset and lug pattern or is it due to the lack of imagination... they didnt like that I have a vinyl plotter and im missing some front letters for the hood so I figure I would do vinyl, didnt get much response... here were my ideas
  13. someone on 311s is selling minilites, they responded to my post I made the other day telling me that.
  14. Hello everyone! I've been on 311s site for a lil while and I seem to get a lot of flack for my ideas so I thought maybe over here you might be a little more accepting looking at the artwork on the site 🙂
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