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  1. What I tend to forget was that the speed limit was 55mph when these were built at least in the south. I could cruise at 70 in mine but I usually take the slower roads when I drive it. I do wish they made these new again! i
  2. My 1984 4x4 would only do 65 when I got it. After a lot of refreshing and a Weber it will do 80 but it doesn't feel right so I only do it from time to time. My brother bought an 82 new and he claimed he was pulled over for 96! I don't think mine would do it or would I want to. Vehicles now are made to go faster and handle better.
  3. Hi all. I was greasing my steering when I noticed my boot on the drives side axle is split from old age. I don't use 4x4 except on my property dragging cut down trees. It's OK for now right?
  4. ckm319

    Rear brakes locked

    Thanks, I pulled everything apart with great difficulty on one side. I did replace the drums and apparently one or both were warped because it's much nicer ride now. I had unhooked the park brake and lost the bushing that the adjusting side slides in. I don't know where and if I'll ever find another one. I may have to live without them.
  5. ckm319

    Rear brakes locked

    So I had a problem with the rear brakes hanging up after the parking brake was engaged and finally it just locked. I pulled it apart with great difficulty thinking I would find parking brake problems but instead I found that the former owner had put the self adjusters in backwards! So I guess I was adjusting the the brakes every time I engaged the parking brake. I'm wondering if it's ok to use the parking brake now?
  6. OK. I did it and its much better. Looks so much different looking than the manual one. Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks, there is a nut and an adjuster that are next to the bleeder valve at least that's what I think it is.
  8. So I took the truck to another alignment place with the new ball joints installed and they said that it was in alignment. So I'm determined to take some of the slack out but the adjustment on the power steering is different looking than the manual gear box. Has anyone ever adjusted the power steering gear box? Thanks.
  9. ckm319

    Cowl removal

    Thanks! I just got some myself. We've had a lot of rain lately and it's still leaking, must be the windshield, Sorry for the late response.
  10. ckm319

    Cowl removal

    So I pulled my cowl today and cleaned 36 ears of leaves out of it. Unfortunately I managed to break all the retainers with the screw in them. Does anyone know what size they are or where to get them? Thanks.
  11. ckm319

    Steering Satabilizer

    So I ordered an idler arm but haven't put it on yet. I checked the steering yesterday and the slack is in the gear, but the slack is to the left only. When you move the wheel right you feel immediate resistance and it turns without slack but anything back left has slack , I've done it from the steer shaft to the gear as well and it does it there. So does it make sense to have wear on just one side? Thanks
  12. Quesstion sir, So heating up the fender skirts make them turn back black? Does it last? Thanks.
  13. Has anyone ever had to replace their stabilizer? I guess I need to disconnect mine to check it. I have an 84 4x4 KC . I replaced the ball joints and I appear to have some slack in the steering on a power system. It's about an inch either way before reaction. The truck only has 87,000 miles and everything seems in good shape. I thought I'd see if anyone experienced a bad stabilizer and how the truck reacted. Thanks! i
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