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  1. SirHix

    18 inch Titan rims

    Im trying to figure out how to upload a picture to this forum. But until I do I’ll try to explain a little more. I have an 81 720 diesel. I want to lower it a tad like add 4x4 leafs out back and tweak the torsion bars up front to get a level drop like 2” or so. I bought 2017 Titan steel wheels that I will update with pictures once I figure that out. I don’t know the offset just yet but I will figure that out. I would like the rims to be tucked just a tad to not rub. I have a fender roller from Eastwood just in case. I want to run like a 35/40 series. I was maybe thinking a 235/40/18? Thanks for the replies and help in the future.
  2. SirHix

    18 inch Titan rims

    There is probably a ton of rim topics and I have glanced at few of them but I want to start the topic on steelie rims only. I don’t want aluminum rims at all. A friend of mine said to use 18x8 Titan rims. But I want to start the discussion on what makes since to use as far as tires. I want to use a good tire too with a good tread for rain. Now all of that being said, I also would like to drop it 2” all around and level the truck out. Thanks in advance.
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