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  1. I have 79 datsun 620 it has a different motor in it because the block stamp and the body don’t match up. I believe it is a 79 motor but I’m not 100% sure I do know it is a 2.0liter. I can’t tell if the engine and trans are the same but I assume not. Here is the vin on the block but mine is different HLG620314824 block Any help or if your vin happens to match my motor I think it would interesting
  2. So update I cleaned out the block the water was a bit brown but it cleared out and it’s crystal clear. I’m going to take it for a rip in the morning.
  3. Alright well how in world is there a seat belt buzzer because there are no wires that go to the seat belt stuff. I also have two wires hanging from my dash that are red and green stripe and another that has red with yellow stripe I believe or its a blue stripe ill check.
  4. It sounds like it’s in the dash. If a relay is bad how in the world do I get to and fix it because it’s starting to annoy me. I’m gonna test the alternator and see if it’s it
  5. Alright well I have to do it tonight and I cannot put anti freeze in due to the fact that my local auto parts store does not have any but they get it thursday so that should do it. The charge light buzzer shut off the other day for a couple seconds then came back on but I don't know why it shuts off in 4th gear and I can put it in 4th gear anytime and the buzzer shuts off. Could it be the wiring is messed up or something is grounding out when I put it in 4th gear?
  6. Okay so flush the entire loop like the block and heater. So the last guy that had it I think just shoved water in the thing and I had coolant in it and then it puked it out the next day. So the fittings in the back need to be open or removed? Also what do they look like just know what I’m looking for.
  7. Inside of the radiator I ran water through it and it was straight orange brown looking. I just was ripping out my entire EGR shit and it was clear so I know it’s internal. So on 79 model year I need a different alt to replace the voltage regulator. Today it just stopped then came back on I don’t know why but also the buzzer for the charge light shuts off in 4th gear but none of the others.
  8. So the radiator is still 3 core and the fins are blocked to all hell so I think it’s the clogs. I’m amazed at how it didn’t die while I was driving it home on the highway when I got it unless it just developed the problem which it did just randomly get hot and I couldn’t do jack diddly squat.
  9. So my problem is with the rad is it’s not stock so I dunno if it’s smaller or bigger or what. So the voltage regulator is internal to the alternator in the 620’s for 76-79? I am doing the CLR tomorrow morning through the day to go to work at 6. You said shake it do you mean to like stir it?
  10. So yes the charge light is going off, I need to get the alt checked which is hopefully tomorrow. The belt is tight that’s the first thing I checked. I drive it to school and back which is like a 5-7 minute drive but the radiator is definetly clogged. I put the stock 180° thermostat in but the old one was almost seized and I tested the new one by putting it On a stove. The water pump is almost brand new I got it off a block that had 1’000 miles on it with new everything. I’m like 99% sure it is the rad. Where is the voltage regulator on the alt I’m new to this and I’m 16 so still learning lol. I’m going to do the CLR thing this weekend hopefully depends on how things go but if it doesn’t fix it I’ll buy a new aluminum rad
  11. My 79 datsun won’t shut off the buzzer after I checked the battery after a jump and it was fine but the buzzer and light stay on but In 4th gear the buzzer turns off and I do city driving so it’s annoying. The radiator is clogged so it gets hot which could’ve cooked the alternator or voltage regulator I don’t know what happened but it happened right after I got a jump start from a clapped out Mazda B2000 😂
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