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  1. Then it’s probably the distributor timing either way I’m going to check the TDC in just to do be safe Incase it was off A little a well timed motor is best. Yay it runs ya it idled for a couple seconds yay my datsun yay no more Chevy van 20 yay no more fear of hitting something.
  2. Timing is a hair off so I’m gonna get it timed and go rally the Piss out of it since now I’m like a pro at this mechanic thing. It runs it kinda drives it needs an alinement. That’s my update.
  3. Update the new sprocket comes Thursday and there’s no bent valves because none of the valves were fully down so yay me for reading the book wrong. I’ll post an update Friday possibly depending on how it goes on Thursday after work I should hopefully have my datsun back I missed it.
  4. I will do this when it’s not pissing rain here, since I’ve been doing everything outside.
  5. The hole for the dowel to go in is also wallered out so the dowel just slips out every time in theory.
  6. I believe that was right I can’t remember but I’m fairly sure it was I really hope for no bent valves but probably did happen. Yeah the chain is tight it takes a crowbar and Some weight to get it onTo the pin. I had the eccentric tightened enough because the fuel pump was going since that was our method to see if the cam was spinning but it appears that only the sprocket was spinning seperate from the cam.
  7. https://ibb.co/bH876yn https://ibb.co/Tg4CQmr
  8. The starter I doubt has the power to do so but the other thing is that the sprocket got wollored out ill post pictures in a second of it. The dowell is pretty tattered up but it held the sprocket on. It looks like the sprocket is done for so I’m ordering a new one. The fuel eccentric bolt was on and it was as tight as A *insert dirty joke* it was on there that’s for sure I mean she had the full ugga dugga maximum
  9. Definetly broken because 2 nights ago it was there but it did seem a little shorter and then we gave her the extra ugga Durga and it just moved a little extra than I thought but didn’t think anything of it then last night we noticed the sprocket was off the dowel.
  10. If it did I’m going to shit a brick and take it to someone. How could the cam have snapped? Is the dowel pin that goes into the hole apart of the cam or no?
  11. Where do I find a replacement dowel then because I honestly am at a loss right now it’s one thing after another.
  12. The cam shaft moves fine I moved it to reset the timing because the sprocket slipped before
  13. So update the cam sprocket keeps spinning off It seems to me like it’s a dowel that’s broken I’m just going to get a new cam shaft dowel pin and see if that helps too. It is torqued to spec which is 108ft-lbs I believe also the tensioner is in place and everything is fine it’s as soon as I try to start the motor it’ll just spin the sprocket.
  14. the choke is electric but it has power when I turn the key. I set it to the middle to see. I’ll check for any vacuum leaks I can test without it running like distributor advance line and brake booster. Also the carb plate.
  15. ill watch hainz video to make sure everything is correct but it should not take to much to adjust that? Ill check for a vacuum leak but that seems hard to do without it running ya think? yes the vacuum advance line does reach from the carb to the distributor. also I should reset the distributor advance and retard back to zero? time to find hainz' video.
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