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  1. Bottomwatcher...I was on the look out for an old fixer-upper and came across this one and realized it didnt need much to it. Brakes, coolant temperature sensor (which im still looking for no one has it around here) wanting to change out the headlights to LED but not sure how to go about it. Mike i like the name Blue... i can appreciate the right amount of sarcasm in the name 🙂
  2. New Project New Project 2 New Project 3 New Project 4 Let me know if you have any cool ideas as to what to with it.
  3. Thanks will do you guys are awesome! As soon as I figure out how to upload pics I'll share pics of the truck
  4. Hey guys...been working on my 1980 720 4x4 love it so far. Everything on on my dash work perfect. Except the coolant temperature gauge. I figure I need to replace the sensor... Not sure where to pick one up...a simple search doesn't bring up much... You guys got any ideas???
  5. meji-nasty

    1980 Datsun 720

    Hello everyone this is my first time on here. I just got a 720 4x4 i was looking for a small project and here it is. Everything is solid just re did the brakes, but its been shutting off on me once everytime i drive ... once after that she starts up and doesnt give me any lip you guys ever encounter that? this is a project truck for me so if you have any suggestions im going back and forth on what to do with it.. lmk
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