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    I'm swapping to d21 front suspension and have this just laying around and was hoping it would come into use for someone everything seen is what's for sale, not to sure on price just make it worth going to the post office and shipping, I can get shipping quoted if there is interest thank you


    Lexington, Kentucky - US

  2. I was power washing my engine and accidently blew some paint off the valve cover and would like to re paint it the original gold color does anyone know what the paint code is thanks so much for any answers
  3. Ya your talking about a 280z or something with a steering lock I believe
  4. Yes that worked thank you, I thought you might have meant the metal key part from the casing around it earlier
  5. The part your holding is a very different part than what I'm trying to take out and to Jersey I'm talking about removing the whole unit from the steering column cover, it would be easier to show with a picture but I'm not sure how to add one
  6. Maybe im using the wrong part name, I mean the part you put the key into, and taking it out of the plastic housing
  7. I'm taking the steering column cover off of my truck and the last step is to remove the ignition switch but I don't see any other screws how does this thing come off.
  8. I tore the padding off of my dash and unscrewed the metal piece but cannot figure out how to get the nob off that turns on the lights. Does anyone know how to
  9. Never mind Im just going to cut off the head of the bolt, I thought that the bolts were weird but after looking closer they are not
  10. I just did the first mod to my 620 and noticed that the upper outer control arm bushing were really messed up, luckily the guy that i bought the truck from had given me some but i was unable to get the bolt out to change them. I was wondering if there was a trick to it and if anyone knew a site or a listing on ebay for replacement bolts. Thanks -PapaJohn
  11. I'm new to the forum and have heard everyone talking about beenbais brake kit but can't find where it is for sale, could someone share a link to it
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