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  1. Thanks still in the very early stages of the project not much to show the regulator is just tacked on to a crude bracket right now to kinda see what’s what I’ll post more about it as I make some more progress I ran out of steel over the weekend so I moved on to my new pedal set up but I’m hoping to get back to the rear glass next weekend
  2. Took a break from fixing things to do some “fun” stuff and started working on my power rear glass IMG_4651.MP4
  3. Man I can’t wait to be able to drive mine again ... someday
  4. Floor and inner rockers are repaired still a good amount of rust repairs to do but the cab is on for test fit gotta do a bit of fire wall work to accommodate the new tilt column and pedal set up then on to the fun stuff
  5. And the rot repair continues she don’t get much further apart than this
  6. I’m not Glad to be doing it 😂... Thanks man not my finest work but good enough I think I’d have had better results had I used my bead roller to make the channel and just rolled the radius into flat metal as opposed to bending something up and shrinking and stretching it like I did because I didn’t want to have to “waste time” digging out the right tool 😂😂
  7. Still needs a little trimming on the window channel but it’s all one piece again not all that pretty but Good enough for plastic the glass and the door both fit great So it’s on to the the rest of the rot Down lower
  8. Yeah Thanks man it just seemed like a waste to let it go I already did the chassis work suspension steering brakes drive train Exhaust and basically replaced all the Structural stuff underneath the bed Plus I kinda love the ugly little fucker couldn’t stand to see it get parted out and crushed 🤷🏻‍♂️ Plus my 4 year old told me I couldn’t let truckie’s dad die 😂 (trucky is what he’s named my daily driver Silverado )
  9. Well after wallowing in self pity for a while I finally decided nothing else I’ve done in regards to this project was sensible broke out the tools set aside my common sense And began to rebuild my terribly rotted cab It’s still a very long way from saved but it’s heading in that direction still have to remake the entire inside Lower portion Of the windshield post and door frame area inner firewall / upper kick panel and all of where the fire wall meets the door post where the fender bolts on as well as a bunch of floor work both complete rockers and cab corners but It’s a start
  10. I see that now gotta love body filler .... yeah that shit was rusty eh 😂😂 I’m impressed man keep up the good work ..... mine has less rot than that but also less to rot ... If mine were just the hole in the windshield post I wouldn’t feel bad but it goes throughout the whole post and all the way down that corner basically to where it meets the rocker panel and then both rocker panels are rotted and the other windshield post is rotted as well As it is a good portion of the front fenders around where the headlight goes which I patched up once but need to be gone through right and for some reas
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