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  1. I see that now gotta love body filler .... yeah that shit was rusty eh 😂😂 I’m impressed man keep up the good work ..... mine has less rot than that but also less to rot ... If mine were just the hole in the windshield post I wouldn’t feel bad but it goes throughout the whole post and all the way down that corner basically to where it meets the rocker panel and then both rocker panels are rotted and the other windshield post is rotted as well As it is a good portion of the front fenders around where the headlight goes which I patched up once but need to be gone through right and for some reas
  2. Not to sure what that means but sure man glad I could help ? ... I guess lol🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Cool man thanks I appreciate it
  4. I did I’ve gotten some Good replies but the distance is killer it’s looking like I’ll either end up on an epic cross country journey to save my little truck, paying more than it’s worth in shipping or Moving on to my other projects (numbers matching 68 Camaro rs and 71 elcamino) And hope to find something down the road to fix my truck ... or possibly going against my better judgment and just buckling down and attempting to remake about 75% of my cab from scratch 😂
  5. Yeah I’m hoping to find a cab To swap I’d like to not have to mess with what’s left of mine if I don’t have too But would if it came to that .... I’m gonna bet shipping is a good bit on the parts I’d need but if it came down to it I’d Kinda have to I guess and I definitely appreciate the offer And I’d love to shoot out west and swap you if I could lol my cab is also minus the inner fender / radiator support I removed them so it would be easier to set up the steering column/ shaft situation to the steering rack .... I hope I find something close enough and in good enough shape it kills me to
  6. Hey thanks man I appreciate it .... short of selling me a new cab there’s not much any one can do to help this thing 😂 Im not afraid to tackle most things I’ve done some very ambitious projects in the past but the cab has a lot of problems and there’s just not much left To work with ... I’ll probably just pull the motor and trans and set it off to the side And start work on my 68 Camaro whilst I search for a cab Parts to repair
  7. I’ll try to figure out the app I was using for pics again when I get some time later on this evening sorry not the most technologically advanced guy 😂 But basically the The whole fight front corner is bad ... the windshield post. Is rotten in half down where it meets the cowl/firewall and is Missing a good bit and all the surrounding metal it paper thin pitted pinhole Covered garbage Plus the cab needs floor work fire wall work and complete rockers and cab corners NewEngland has not been good to my little friend also I think that the awful hackey repairs made by previous owner did him no fa
  8. I appreciate the advice and encouragement But it’s too far gone to fool with for me I do metal shaping And general fab work with lots of experience in making replacement panels for obscure rigs you can’t get parts for and have plenty of equipment for it And there’s almost no end to my stubbornness and if it were just the window channel or even just the Rotted in half post I’d knock it out but unfortunately the whole corner of the cab is nothing but rotted paper thin trash top to bottom there’s just nothing left to weld to the cab also needs floor work and Complete inner and outer rockers
  9. Time Left: 19 days and 17 hours

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    Looking for a solid-ish 520 or 521 cab don’t have to be pretty I’d even take one I could chop up to repair the cab I have (my windshield posts are basically rotted off ) So let me see what you got and how much sort of close to Massachusetts NH, VT, CT, NY, ( I know that’s unlikely) is best but possibly willing to go further for a good cab for a reasonable price/ condition Unit thanks in advance


    Deerfield , Massachusetts - US

  10. Yeah I’m not a huge fan of red on most things but I think it looks killer on these little trucks But unfortunately yesterday my never ending Datsun project came to an end .... so color choice won’t matter much now. the bottom of the passenger side windshield post and cowl / firewall is completely rotted through and with lack of donor or replacement cabs in the area and shipping being cost prohibitive it looks like my datsun days may be over 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Nice build good looking rig For sure I was looking at Possibly 70s gm gulf green but Lately find my self thinking of maybe a metallic red With white pearl roof maybe ... haven’t really touched my truck since before thanksgiving probably so I got a ways to go ( probably years at this rate ) before I have to decide 😂
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