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  1. Yeah nobody enjoys changing points constantly.only time will tell how long this setup will last but as of right now I’m happy with the results
  2. I kept the ballast resistor but they said that was optional with this coil
  3. Hey I just did a dizzy swap to get rid of my dual point distributor I bought the hot spark dizzy with the coil for 130$.It was a easy swap only 2 wires to reconnect and a slight mod to the timing plate . It already runs much smoother now and I haven’t even put a timing light on if yet
  4. I just ordered the lower fulcrum pin kits off eBay 34$ for 2 kits plus 30 shipping but he has some more if you’re interested
  5. Thank you I checked them out looks great I’m gonna go ahead and order them 👍🏻
  6. The threads are gone in that one side
  7. Yeah I did when I rebuilt the frontend but the damage was all ready done to the spindle from 50 years of no grease
  8. I think the kit is for a Mazda but says it will fit a 620 and looks identical to my 521 spindle
  9. No the spindle is shot because of a bent support on the passenger side plus their was no way to grease anything everything had a small plug where the grease fittings shyness I’ve rebuilt the whole front end except for the spindle and fulcrum
  10. Hey guys I have a question I’m hoping someone can answer I’m looking at buying a upper link kit off of eBay but it say it’s for a 620 part number 54536-b0125 I’m wanting to know if this should work on my 521 the first 5 numbers match up
  11. If I go with the hot spark dizzy and coil do I still need a external ballast resistor ?
  12. Yeah you’re right I pulled the distributor earlier and it had two condensers one was hiding and one was larger than the other.when I pulled the distributor I was expecting it to have a gear on the bottom
  13. Yes and I have not figured out how to post pics on here yet
  14. It not the distributor with 8 wires but it has dual points but only one condenser
  15. I don’t know if the engine been replaced at some point but it’s unlikely because the truck had a 1978 tag on it when I got it🤔
  16. But I do get what your saying I could have that lip turned down on a lathe
  17. I took a look at the hot spark distributor and it says replaces distributor in some l-16 engines single point versions only maybe I’m reading it wrong
  18. Yeah I think all you 🐀☀️guys have bought all the match box dizzys up😁
  19. I’m working on upgrading my 521 to ei but it has a dual point dizzy that seems to make things more complicated.what I am wondering is if I by a hot spark ei dizzy for a l-16 if it will work? Everyone tells me to find a matchbox but as far as I call tell their hard to find
  20. Do you have a ei dizzy
  21. Ok I was under the impression that a Pertronix would not work with a dual point ?
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