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  1. F From this pic is there anyway to tell if the truck is 2wd or 4wd? It looks like the wheels are open for hubs, but I can't tell if there are hubs there. I need some help from the Ratsun masters.
  2. I thought getting clapped meant testing positive for gonorrhea?
  3. I'm confused. My comment was in reference to California's stance on transgender athletes, specifically, "Representatives of the state of California won’t be traveling to West Virginia with taxpayer funds as a result of the legislature’s ban on young transgender-athletes playing sports." I am not in favor of discrimination based on sexual preference, but am concerned of the manipulation of children and usually err on the side of parental rights, over State intervention. Substitute teach at your local junior high or high school, to be reminded of the general ignorance of children. Yes, I am sure you know many smart children, there are even "genius" children, but they are genius in certain settings and still ignorant in many others. We as a society recognize this as fact. Before the eighteenth birthday, purchasing cigarettes is illegal, because it is thought those younger will not fully comprehend the life long dangers associated with tobacco. Before the eighteenth birthday, a number of serious crimes receive reduced sentences, because it is thought those younger did not fully comprehend the life long implications. The military will allow entry a seventeen with parental consent, so I wouldn't oppose such a rule for seventeen year olds that had graduated or dropped out of high school. There are many other legal protections afforded, and denied those under the age of eighteen, because it is realized they are ignorant. I fully support State intervention and/or prosecution of anyone providing sexual reassignment surgery, hormones, or the like, that impair or promote growth in opposition of biological sex. I know, before someone cries for those born intersexed, I am sure, like the military seventeen with parental consent issue, for those very rare instances, exceptions could be made. Now, how children, walk, talk, dress, etc. those are the battles that parents must fight. Unless extreme, the State should stay out of it. Lord knows my parents and I fought. I wanted to wear leather studded accessories like Judas Priest. My Dad said it made me look like a homosexual. What! I was up in arms, how dare he say that! I grew out of it, the leather not the Priest and am glad my father didn't read Hit Parader, so he didn't know when Halford "came out". When I say "Kids are ignorant" I am not excusing myself. I focused this response on transgender and children, because that is the root of the transgender athlete ban. I support the right of adults to mutilate themselves in any manner they deem fit. Whether or not this is "fair" in certain adult sporting events....statistically, more women are democrats and democrats are the ones pushing these issues, so I say go for it. End all woman and man sports and create single all inclusive teams, based solely on merit. I would love to see how that works out.
  4. Thank you for the replies, the gentleman who has built a number of fuel injected Z24's recommends the OEM 280z pump with an aeromotive regulator and I value his opinion. Thanks for the clarification, an electric pump it is. Any particular brands, stand out for reliability? Aeromotive sells pumps, but even the prices of the regulators made me squeal a little. Speaking of regulators, I have yet to research this, so if it is not "off the top of your head", no worries mate. Which Aeromotive regulator or which features in other brand regulators are desired or necessary. It seems like Aeromotive is the "name brand" for aftermarket fuel injection components, are there other quality brands, equal or better, to consider?
  5. That makes me mad. Mad that Idaho was third on the list of banned States. I would like the details on how the ranking, did the first and second on the list receive "insider" information? Unfortunately, it could be the invasion of progressives, mucking up the political gears. Hopefully, Idaho will do better in the next California rating.
  6. This is either a very simple or completely irrelevant question, but I have been unable to find the answer, so I'll suck it up and ask. The stock fuel pump from a 280z is recommended (by a trusted source) as the fuel pump, I should acquire, for my fuel injected build. After only finding electric external fuel pumps, for the 280z. I did some digging and found mechanical fuel pumps for a 240z. My questions: Was there a mechanical fuel pump option for the 280z? Is this irrelevant, because mechanical fuel pumps (or at least these Datsun fuel pumps) fail to produce the necessary PSI for fuel injection? If an electric fuel pump is the only option, then has anyone developed a redundant system, allowing the vehicle to operate, or at least, be able to "limp" home, in case of electric fuel pump failure? Perhaps install mechanical and electric pumps? I never like contributing to the dumbing down of an engine. Smart engines, will operate, albeit poorly, without or with minimal computer aid. While an ECU, and other electronics will allow the engine to operate more efficiently and all around better, the engine is not so "dumb" as to be interoperable without most of the electronics. A replacement electric 280z fuel pump, if not made in China, more probable than not has some Chinese components, even OEM. Not that all Chinese products suck, I have used Chinese stuff with some success and some failure. But, have concern, as more and more systems are tied to single point. (for example, I install dual batteries, whenever possible, but not on my daily driver.) The obvious answer is too look at my over 100000 mile Sentra, that is full of electronics and never failed. Have electronic systems reached a point of general competency, that should negate my concern? It doesn't help that electric 280z fuel pumps are housed in a metal tube/sheath. Could be filled with paper clips and dog do, for all I know.
  7. The ad is now $1500 for both and he will not separate. I think someone got to him. Or I messed up transferring..nope... the ad must have changed, still at $750 each, still seems like a deal.
  8. There are pics of the speedos, at least one, in the Gooding Idaho Facebook (If the link will not work)
  9. Pic of the Datsuns if the link will not work. There are many more pictures, I posted this one, so the vehicles could be identified
  10. I am trying to post a Facebook ad, that was posted 2hrs ago on the 4th of July. I have no connection to the seller and no idea if it is a good deal. My only reference is the many members of Ratsun that hold these Datsuns in high regard. $500.00 for two vehicles I covet would be extremely tempting, even with shipping, if only for spares. Facebook Gooding Idaho
  11. Thanks for weighing in, DatzenMike.
  12. Hello, I am neither a big Z car fan, nor do I know the seller. I am passing the info along, in hope that it might be a "gem in the rough" for someone, who adores the Z's. The ad is located on Nextdoor, a neighborhood website; supposedly, only those in certain "neighborhoods" are allow to view postings. I contacted the seller and acquired permission to list the information here. The text of the ad, is as follows: "Datsun 1978 280Z - Had been sitting in garage for over 30 years - Has over 140,000 and doesn't run - $4500" Seller's contact email ishlenington@hotmail.com
  13. You have stumbled upon another sneaky democrat bullshit trap, that has me dismissed as a paranoid old man. While, I may live up to that moniker, it doesn't mean I'm not right. The quick version: Democrats made a big fuss about domestic violence laws a while back. Those of us that considered domestic violence laws, at best unnecessary redundancy, employed the same argument as Angliagt and John510, posted above. Opposing DV laws is tantamount to political suicide and our concerns were not addressed. The slimy, sleazy, unwritten rule in politics is "get an inch take a mile" and it wasn't long before, Democrats realized the political capital of domestic violence laws, and the laws were upgraded. Gun confiscation was introduced, for misdemeanor domestic violence and again, the political suicide of opposing such measures brought swift victory. The tightening of the noose continued, with the practice of confiscation of all guns from a person charged with domestic violence, who may or may not be guilty and the guns may or may not be returned. An obvious violation of due process, yet is happening across the nation. The Democrats, now feeling secure that domestic violence laws are strong and here to stay, have begun to use the same arguments, used against them, opposing the creation of specific laws, for specific groups. As said, when these laws were introduced and what Angliagt John510 posted today, greater penalties based on relation to the victim, isn't right. The solution, presented by the Democrats is that all "violent crimes", regardless of guilt or innocence, regardless of relation to the victim, or race of victim, or sex of victim or even severity of crime i.e. misdemeanor shouting threats at the person stealing your bike, spanking your children, to felony battery/aggravated assault. All firearms ammunition, reloading supplies etc. will be taken from the accused, voluntarily or by raid of federal agency teams (Quick note, how will they know if the accused has firearms? Why do you think the gun grabbers are so big on registration?) Substitute "Hate crime" for Domestic Violence and it becomes clear. I am not certain if accusation of misdemeanor assault or misdemeanor battery enhanced with hate crime brings forced gun relinquishment, but I am certain that is where the Democrats want to take it and will take it, as like domestic violence, hate crime brings political capital.
  14. It is unimportant because many of us, including me, without lottery intervention will be a bit short of the scratch needed for possession. But, I am strolling about yesterday and there is an LC500 convertible for sale, for the paultry sum of $112,000. What struck was the Lexus grill badge, sure resembles the Nissan Z. For me the LC takes the win
  15. Buick Roadmaster? What year? If I run, at max speed, mpg drops, so I stay happy at 85
  16. It is nice, nearly maxes out my Sentra. Does get a bit dicey when the big rigs are only moving at 65 (their limit) and you come up on a group of them.
  17. The homestead exemption in Idaho is $100,000, anything over is taxed. Since my original purchase price was a good bit lower than half of that, tax was either zero or low for the first decade or so of home ownership. In fact, I didn't even consider property tax, as a thing, when the first out of state people started to arrive. The old homes were getting bull dozed or super remodeled, into this massive estates, which was kind of a bummer, because I kept having to fight against HOA's.(Seems they are popular in Cali) But, hey my neighbors doing stuff to their property shouldn't impact what I pay---I thought. When I moved into the house, a neighbor down the block considered himself an "artist". He was a vet living on disability and made twisted metal "sculptures" out of scrap. Some of my neighbors didn't like it, I stood up for him. It's his yard. He wants junk in it, leave him alone. It ain't hurting you. Now I am writing letters to city officials and trying to organize people every chance I get, to stop people from doing stuff to their land. It makes no sense. There are two more houses within 100 yards of mine, that are being "remodeled" to over double sq. ft. And there is a plan to rip up the hill one house east and add EIGHT 3204 sq. ft. three story, townhouses. Each on will be just shy of TRIPLE the size of my house (It is just over TRIPLE of my neighbor directly north). Each townhouse will be over a million dollars, latest estimates are 1.5 million to 2 million. The townhouses will not only raise taxes even more, they will bring eight families worth of traffic to my city block. I stayed with a gal a few weeks in San Fransisco, back in the day, who had a little apt. in the Haight. She didn't have a car, because it was too much hassle to park in within 100 yards of her place. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? Especially, when Idaho has next to zero, public transit. But, I digress. The Idaho homestead exemption doesn't do shit, when property values are out of control. Boise was named, best city of the nation a few years in a row, by some asshole magazines. But, this year at least one magazine labeled it "worst place for real estate investment" and traffic really sucks, so there's hope...
  18. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/92/9253c5b2e9520394d06ef32b9764c42b71939dc83beca8333814a4bbed6265ab.jpg
  19. I know exactly what it feels like. All the immigrants to Idaho, (I was downtown today and saw three out of state plates to every one Idaho plate) housing prices are now way over 10X, that means, my house that hasn't improved or made larger or anything is now taxed like it is worth over half a million. Property taxes are split up and included in the monthly mortgage, which has tripled, because of taxes. So every month, I don't have any money for my Datsun hobby, or I am counting the change to make it though the month, must be equal too or even more than ass rape. There's an idea, pay my monthly mortgage for a shot at a fish belly old man ass in less than average condition. I'm getting fucked monthly anyway, might as well get paid for it.
  20. +1 for electric assist, here is how you sort shaft/column length I have not done it, but did much research on it and grabbed the necessary parts from the U-pull. It's in one of my "this is a good idea and when I get around to it will be awesome boxes"
  21. Refusing to realize truth is certainly an option, but a curious one. Why? Isn't it better to be prepared? Training eases concern, by recognizing a potential danger and developing a plan to neutralize it. I see it as risk probability vs severity. The probability of attack is low, but the severity of an attack that harms or endangers the family--I can think of no harm more severe. Before someone lectures on the silly statistics on guns in the home, "accidental shooting" and whatnot. Firearms are power. Parents afraid to punish their children equal to a potential misuse of that power, have no business expecting, compliance to artificial restrictions placed on that power. While I find any firearms regulation bad, restricting access to families with weak willed parents and strong willed children is tempting.
  22. If only they made one in semi auto OR even better get 40mm flares and one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkor_MGL import it for "flare use only" so, no need for any registration or import restriction....Who wants to give it a try and report back?
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