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  1. The springs are installed, the truck drives great. Note to self......."don't think you can make drag race ladder bar suspension work decent on the street". Lesson learned.
  2. Got the chassis I needed, an ex-mini motorhome 1978 620. All the components are like new once cleaned up, obviously a low mile vehicle. I'll snap a few photos later today but I have everything I need to put leaf springs back under my V-8 620. I really tried to make drag race ladder bar suspension work...and it does work, just not very well and is rough and noisy. the bare frame will be off to salvage in a week or so, I'll keep the rear diff and some other pieces "in stock".
  3. I had already looked through the classified "for sale" and intended to expand my search with a post there today but it looks like I might have a chassis now.
  4. Thanks Mike, already got a reply. This forum proves to be a valuable resource!!😎
  5. Anyone got a 620 2wd that is being parted out? I really need a good pair of rear leaf springs and hangars plus bolts. I'm taking the ladder bar rear suspension of my V-8 truck and the easiest way to go is stock stuff for now. I had a complete 3 link setup years ago but the components ended up on another project. Maybe someone knows of a supplier of new springs?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    FIXED!! The larger 13/16" master cylinder combined with a 7" booster did the trick. The truck stops really great now. I couldn't find a Datsun/Nissan booster (1980 7" type) so I adapted a "hot rod" universal booster with a couple of 1/4" adapter plates and just made sure the actuating rod and the pedal pushrod length were correct.
  7. Ozz

    Chevy V8 in a 620

    Cool, another V-8 620. Nice
  8. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    Ok, I think I see my problem...the booster on the truck right now is the 1973 drum brake 5 1/2" diameter booster with the 3/4" diameter master. I don't have enough fluid movement or boost travel. I am going to use the 1979 620 7" diameter booster with the matching master cylinder which is slightly bigger at 8.10". The stock 1978 620 discs are perfect and now that I have the new rotors and pads on it I know I just need to make the above changes. I have a GM booster and Corvette master on the shelf that is probably real close to that '75 Chevy Monza part that NC85ST speaks of. I can try that if
  9. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    Lack of vacuum, I don't think so. This engine has a stock GM truck camshaft...very mild with over 16" of vac. at idle, the check valve is doing it's job and the hose is good. I considered an electric boost or a hydraboost. The hydra is a bit messy for me so we'll see what happens in the future. The reason I considered the larger booster is because of the experience I had with my 1935 Ford. For 15 years I had just mediocre brakes. I built it with all disc brakes and used the standard Corvette booster and a 7" dual diaphram "hot rod" booster. A friend of mine borrowed the car and when he brought
  10. I think this is one of their hoods on my 620.
  11. These are 15 X 8 GM rally type wheels. I have run this kind of wheel for many years. Speedway Motors sells them cheap.
  12. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    Here are a few shots I just took. The clearance is more than enough. If I can just "bolt on" a bigger booster that would be great.
  13. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    Yes, it is a ball joint front end. Thanks for the input. I will post better pictures in a short while...breakfast is ready.
  14. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    The rotors are not vented, about .500" thick. After drag racing for 10 years the rotors were badly scored and turned blue...had to replace them.
  15. Ozz

    Larger brake booster?

    I see how questions can arise. Hey I'm over 70 years old and not really too familiar with this posting stuff so be patient with me. The truck is actually a 1973 but I did a front clip to a disc brake front end many years ago. I have room for a bigger booster and I can fab/modify anything I need to. The clutch master is gone since the GM 350 trans was fitted. The new steering column provides plenty of room. I think I figured out this photo thing now so I'll go out and take some more pictures.
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