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  1. I already have the head gasket kit. I’m not overhauling the whole engine just the head gasket.
  2. I’ll head to Napa after work tomorrow and ask them about the tester. I’m about 80% that it’s head gasket. Engine needs an overhaul anyways. Unknown mileage on the engine. I believe the previous owner said it had about 100k miles or more.
  3. What’s that bottom measurement? .975?
  4. How many times should I fold it? I think I wanna try that but I’m very worried it would slip.
  5. Hey guys what wood should I use to make a wedge I don’t want to have a lot of splinters. Thanks
  6. Like extremely off. Also wouldn’t it be smoking if it was head gasket? One of the neighbors thinks it could have been possible to have a loss of oil pressure. But I don’t think that would cause it to rough extremely rough like it does right? It would have died on before I got home I would have thought. If it’s just the head gasket, I’ll be happy.
  7. It was off. When I was driving it would feel like it had no power. Timmy G and I decided to do the timing and it was runing great like I said for all of about 10 minutes.
  8. Ok thanks mike. And yes it was set to 3 degrees BTDC. I drove it from my buddies house home to my place and it sounds like piston slap at certain rpm. I didn’t take it over 2500rpms. It didn’t make it up my driveway and then just wouldn’t start.
  9. So we re set the timing on my engine and it was running good for about 10 minutes. We noticed that it wouldn’t idle when we came to a stop. It got worse as we got back to the house. As I left the stop light we heard a clatter that sounded like valves so I took it easy back to the house. It died in the driveway and after starting it back it up it had a misfire. We found that the timing was off a little so we re set it agian and still runs like garbage. Could I have a blown gasket somewhere? No smoke and I don’t see any leaks. However there is this metallic gold flakes in my coolant reservoir. Truck run great up until this point. Oil still looks good. Also this z 24 has one timing chain compared to our other z24s that have two. This engine isent the original one. It was swapped in by previous owner. Here is a pic of the metallic flakes on drop box https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai9jmfu3r6pgkf5/Photo Sep 14%2C 12 39 18 PM.jpg?dl=0
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