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  1. So I bought an 1985 720 ute recently and when I looked at that engine it all came back to me. Rewind about 35 years and in September 1984 my first car was a Datsun 1600 sedan. Original burnt orange and dead stock. This car was chosen for me by my folks who went to their mechanic and asked for a car for their son. I saved up and payed for it - $1,800 on the road. Now this mechanic was great at hiding things. I went through a roundabout in the rain too fast, lost the rear end, fishtailed for a bit then spun 180 degrees and put the car into a tree branch at sill height. All this filler fell out of the door sill in one big line from rear wheel to front. Then there was the time I changed to 4th and the gearstick came out in may hand, turned out the yoke was broke but the mechanic seemed to think that fencing wire would hold it all together. I loved that car. Then on my way to an interview for a college placement, I got lost and got hasty. Pulled a right hand turn and got T-boned. Hard enough to write the car off. These photos are me taking photos of photos from my old album with my phone. I think before I get to the next part of the story I will take the rest of the photos into work and scan them.
  2. Got my SU's on the bench ready for a strip down and rebuild. So - anyone got a link to an exploded view parts diagram so I know how to put them back together once I have cleaned all the parts?
  3. Spotted in my home town today. Trying to get arty here ...
  4. Thanks Wayno - that recent job looks spot on. Maybe I can scrounge the parts I need off a stock carbie and do my own fabricating magic.
  5. Thanks Datsunmike - I did not know there were SU's and Hitachi SU's. I did know what I was buying when I got these; I ran a 180BSSS with twin SU's in my Datsun 1600 back in the 80's. Easy fit then as all the linkages lined up. And given the option of taking that 32/36 Weber or these SU's, like you I went straight for the SU's. These are also off a 180BSSS, or that is what we called that Datsun here in Oz. Linkages - the thing is I can't buy any USA old parts as you all have the steering wheel (and therefore throttle) on the left so it won't work here on the right side. (Nice thing about our right hand drive Datsun's is we don't have air filter clearance issues). I am interested in what the cable throttle set up looks like on your flat tops - if you can share a photo that would be useful. I am looking at the way some of the British twin SU manifolds run a cable throttle bracket, maybe I can make my own if I can't find a cable throttle set up that fits these SU's.
  6. Thanks Wayno, I am thinking of getting a Datsun Stanza throttle cable to rod adaptor, I believe that the Stanza had them fitted on the firewall. Need to do some research. Anyone got any advice on how to convert the SU's to cable throttle? And choke cable for sure - I can just fit a choke in the spot already set aside in the dashboard. Thanks for the tip on the needle, I will be careful. I have stripped and rebuilt a few motorcycle carbies and I have an ultrasonic bath cleaner so I will carefully pull apart, clean and rebuild these SU's.
  7. So - I go to get my Weber and somehow I end up with these instead. Lucky there was no guy offering to swap my cow for a handful of magic beans or i would be stuffed.
  8. Meanwhile - that salt trick really works. Might wash the salt off in a day or so before it gets out of hand.
  9. Bought this off eBay today, guy is only a 1/2hr drive from home so I will go and get it tomorrow. Half the price of the same carbie new and it comes on a Lynx manifold too. No choke, but I think for around $50 I can get the electric choke fro the Weber store here in Melbourne. Talking to this guy on the phone , he has a lot of Datsun engine stuff lying about...
  10. Thanks - yeah I could get one from there, but I actually just bought one local second hand on eBay and it comes on a manifold too.
  11. Meanwhile - the hoodride look continues. I have stripped the front edge of the hood/bonnet back to bare metal and blended it into the large area where the paint was missing. Currently sitting parked up all wet and covered in salt. Yes this is my midlife crisis emerging and you may think this destructive, but I have a repro bonnet and guards all wrapped up in storage for later use (they came with the car) so why not stuff around with the panels that will eventually go? (hmm - might pop an air intake in that stripped back area - looks like the right spot for one).
  12. Cool - all very interesting stuff on "driving to your carbie". So today I decided I had better have a look at my carbie to see what it is, I mean how silly would I look if I bought a Weber only to find I already had one? This is my stock carbie. Guessing this is the original unit for the engine then. And I am guessing it has an electric choke, given the red wire and the green wire running to it.
  13. The older I get the more I learn I don't know. Can someone please explain this "hoodride" thing to me? Only because I am planning to sand back my hood (although here in Oztralia we call them bonnets) and someone told me I was too old to be building a hoodride.
  14. Thanks! Might get better with the Weber.
  15. Quick question before I lash out on the carbie upgrade - When I start the car it idles high on the auto choke and it spits out black sooty water from the tail pipe. Once it warms up and the idle drops, all this goes away. Is this just the normal carbon and condensation tailpipe spit when cold for an old engine or "is it a sign"??? I will upgrade the carbie and then in around a year or two drop in a rebuilt L series engine and transfer the upgraded carbie across. Just wondering how long the current engine will last...
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