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  1. Meanwhile that beautiful condition stock interior got a good clean and polish, and even though I have not found a stock cassette deck yet I could not resist installing the 1980's cassette holder.
  2. Mucking about getting the Datto ready for a couple of shows. I had a few spare stickers and a boring looking steel panel riveted to the inside of the tailgate so ...
  3. Wow Wayno - if only you were my neighbour! The SU's are intact and will remain that way until I get around to fitting them by following your instructions.
  4. Still mucking about with carbies... Meanwhile I had a crack at fitting the old radio cassette unit I bought, but unfortunately it is too wide and I do not want to cut the dash to make it fit. Anyone know where I might find a 720 radio cassette unit that I can fit in my stock dash? Next Sunday is Datsunday show day here in Victoria so I will go to the show and take some photos.
  5. Thanks - but I need a twin SU guide
  6. Bump ... I need this but I can't see this as Photobucket is being all blurry. Can it be reposted???
  7. Great idea! Given the number of custom motorcycles I have built, why didn't I think of that? I bought an old stock 720 carbie so I can scrounge the throttle cable linkage off it and fit it to the SU's. Hoping my stock 720 cable will then fit. I do need to fit a choke cable, I have heard that you can do with just one SU on choke, rather than run a cable with a splitter. PS - Still looking for a Hitachi SU parts diagram if anyone has one ...
  8. Good to know Wayno, I will have a crack at cleaning these up once I find a decent parts diagram
  9. Thanks edekalil, I had a look online last night to see what was for sale - crazy prices here!
  10. After another engine swap and a wheel swap, I ended up with a fun 510 that I drove for another year before some guy made me an offer to buy it. So I sold it and bought some clunker of a Mazda and never got back to the Datsun brand until this year. So good to be back. Here is how it looked when I sold it.
  11. Some guy had spotted my Datto and decided to offer me his for parts. He had one impounded by the local council for all the parking tickets it owed and he offered me the car for $500 to clear the tickets. So for $500 I got a 510 with a 180B SSS engine and some cool mag wheels with new tyres. Bargain. That brown vinyl roof was pretty cool too.
  12. I can't remember how long it took. I transferred every usable part from my car across to the new shell. A mate of mine helped me to cut the good front end off my orange car and mate it to the new shell to replace the damaged front end. Huge job. I drove the restored car for about a year and then one day I walked out to my car at college and found a note under the windscreen ...
  13. So anyway - dad and I decided to rebuild the car. This was waaaaay before the internet so I had to make telephone calls (!) to wreckers to find a 510 shell. We found one with a damaged front end so that was a good start. There were a few challenges as this was a 1965 model and mine was a '68, so the wipers operated differently (towards each other rather than in synch), the dash was different and the tail lights were smaller. Just meant a few more parts is all. Our front yard looked like this for a while. I did all the work, dad watched.
  14. So I bought an 1985 720 ute recently and when I looked at that engine it all came back to me. Rewind about 35 years and in September 1984 my first car was a Datsun 1600 sedan. Original burnt orange and dead stock. This car was chosen for me by my folks who went to their mechanic and asked for a car for their son. I saved up and payed for it - $1,800 on the road. Now this mechanic was great at hiding things. I went through a roundabout in the rain too fast, lost the rear end, fishtailed for a bit then spun 180 degrees and put the car into a tree branch at sill height. All this filler fell out of the door sill in one big line from rear wheel to front. Then there was the time I changed to 4th and the gearstick came out in may hand, turned out the yoke was broke but the mechanic seemed to think that fencing wire would hold it all together. I loved that car. Then on my way to an interview for a college placement, I got lost and got hasty. Pulled a right hand turn and got T-boned. Hard enough to write the car off. These photos are me taking photos of photos from my old album with my phone. I think before I get to the next part of the story I will take the rest of the photos into work and scan them.
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