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  1. Here’s a picture of me with my truck! http://tinypic.com/r/kcnnll/9
  2. Went and got another regulator. Reads 13.3v . What a whirlwind..... I think it’s fixed now. Thank you all!!!
  3. So, swapped the yellow and black/white wire in back of alternator. Charge light with key on lights. Start truck, turns off. Reading with volt meter fluctuates around 15-17v ..... too much
  4. There’s three more places like this. One by the radiator for headlights.
  5. I can’t see how anyone was ever in it. My pops has had it since 76. Got it off in old lady in Long Beach California. Here’s a photo of that yellow. I had to peel back the original electrical tape around the harness to find it. http://tinypic.com/r/28s973n/9
  6. Also, again, when I tested yellow I got no volts. Black and white had +12v. With key on. Explanation of that?
  7. http://tinypic.com/r/34zbxx1/9 sorry. Not the best at uploading. So what are we saying here, F goes to N and N goes to F?!?! When I tried this the regulator smoked a bit...never tested voltage because I was too scared to leave it running after it smoked....
  8. But that’s not what the wiring diagram indicates. (To be honest, I tried it on another regulator and it smoked a little bit. Pulled the regulator off and the coil in the back looked like it got hot )
  9. Ok.... soooo.... pulled black and white which would be going to “N” on alternator, light stays on. Test yellow wire “F” (positive lead on multi tester to spade) negative lead on multi tester to ground. Nothing. Test white and black wire in similar fashion, 12v.... also, with both yellow, and black/white wire disconnected charge light is still on.... riddle me that batman............
  10. Confirmed. My wiring is correct. To clarify, when I say fusible link, it’s just the ends of the yellow come into a cluster which appears to have been soldered and a black vinyl cap/sleeve put over it.
  11. Also. I ripped the dash out and physically looked at every wire in that harness. Everything looks great. Of course I can’t see inside the coating so who knows....
  12. Well. Lookin at that t. I just cut the plug and put spades on those two wires . Yellow and a black and white one. Yellow goes to a fusible link with the yellow coming out of the heater relay. Black and white goes directly to the pigtail to the regulator. Black wire on back or alternator position “e” got to negative ground. White and red wire goes to a fusible link to black wire going into cab to the fuse box. Which from there goes to ignition key. Again. Maybe a dumb question. But could the ignition switch be the problem? Motor starts and everything works. Just not getting 14+ volts!!!
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