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  1. It's on my list of things to do. I don't drive the truck much lately so it's not first on my list.
  2. Yeah. Carb was on the truck when I bought it.
  3. Thanks for the info! I definitely think the stock jetting isn't quite right...even though I have little experience with carburetors.
  4. My plugs look very lean. I haven't put hardly any miles on the truck since I bought it 5 months ago, and who knows how old they are.
  5. Ran a 38 on my first 720 z24. Loved it. Never bogged like this 32/36. Never had to slowly step into it. I was 16 for fuck's sake. Lol.
  6. Definitely a few good ideas here! I have confirmed the accelerator pump is working. It squirts gas into the carb every time. Visually confirmed 5 squirts in a row....just because. Might try Charlie's method before I decide to wire in a momentary switch. Both are great ideas. I'll have to see if my ignition will allow me to lightly access the START position without the starter engaging like Charlie said.
  7. Makes sense. This is what i have experienced with mine. Fuel pump is working normally.
  8. Seems like it only come on when starting, not with key ON. I tried priming the system with key ON and I didn't hear anything, nor did it help.
  9. I will have to take a look at my clear inline filter at the tank before and after starting the truck as well. Seems like I'm just gonna need to continue to remember to crank her up every weekend even if I don't go anywhere.
  10. Gives me one more reason I don't like these stupid 32/36. Why doesn't everyone run a 38 like the one I had back in the day? Fuel mileage depends on your RIGHT FOOT. (End rant). Yeah, I am setting the fast idle cam with the first press of the pedal to the floor. That is working properly after I adjusted the choke. I only meant I tried flooring it 3x gently before starting instead of the usually 1x since it was sitting for 2 weeks. You're right. If you drive it daily it fires up quick. Sits for a week and it takes a while to fire up. Sits for 2 weeks and it's very difficult to fire up.
  11. That's exactly how mine acts. Never bothered pouring any gas in, as it will eventually fire up if you stay on the starter. Still don't like it, though. Kinda cringy feeling while I'm doing it. Poor battery and poor starter. Lol. Will check accelerator pump soon and report back. Should be able to do this myself from under the hood using the throttle linkage, right? I mean I don't really need to be in the truck stepping on the gas pedal plus an assistant.
  12. Same. ......and same.
  13. Thanks, Mike! I will check this.
  14. '84 720 with z24 electric choke Weber 32/36. After truck sits for a week or two it takes quite a while to fire up. I can press the gas pedal to the floor 3x, turn the key and hit the starter and it took probably 10 seconds straight or more to fire up. Runs smoothly once fired up and will crank up quick, fast, in a hurry when engine is warm. And I mean immediately. Worth mentioning I usually don't let it sit for 2 weeks without starting it. Battery was not low (charger), nor did the starter slow down. Maybe I need to adjust my choke? Its colder here now and I adjusted it previously...but the truck would stumble hard and run rich at first cold start up so I backed off the choke some. Now it doesn't stumble on cold start up or smell so rich, but that last cold start after it sat for probably 2 weeks was excessive on the starter. It took a WHILE to fire up. Does the fuel pump actually kick on and prime the lines with the key ON? Seems like the fuel pump only starts to flow fuel once I'm turning the key to spin the starter. It doesn't seem to help at all by leaving the key in the ON position before starting.
  15. I had one a couple months ago, but got rid of it... sorry that doesn't help you now! I'm in the Portland area. Good luck! Check Facebook groups and the pick n pulls.
  16. Well, looks like I finally solved that 2-3 upshift problem under load at WOT. Changed the fuel tank, new filter at the tank, and new filter inside the fuel pump. No more cutting out or hesitation to shift at WOT. Also spent quite a bit of time removing rust from the entire back half of the frame, 2 coats of POR-15, and some black spray paint.
  17. It's on the list, boss. 😆 Along with the rear diff fluid. Currently have the bed off doing some rust removal and changing out the gas tank.
  18. Thanks, Mike. I always like to know how things work. Seems mine is working correctly "like it did when it came off the showroom floor" 35 years ago.
  19. If I were WOT, would the converter immediately lock up after up-shifting into 3rd? I only ask this specifically because either that is what's happening or there is some very slight slippage for that brief moment. Its subtle, tho.
  20. I added a tach. I do think it locks up at highway speed. Otherwise, most of the time I'm not taking it easy on the throttle...at least not lately.
  21. I couldn't even tell you when my converter locks up. Hard to tell.
  22. Anyone know what percentage of 720s were built with an auto trans? I know it's not extremely common. I didn't even know it existed for years.
  23. TimmyG

    Fuel filter substitute

    I will have to check the hose inside diameter and then just pick up another one like what I added under the hood I guess.
  24. TimmyG

    Fuel filter substitute

    Good idea. I am installing a donor tank from my parts truck. That truck actually has much less rust on the frame, so hoping the tank is better. It's not dented so that's a plus! Ha
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