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  1. Been trying to find longer U-bolts for my truck, cant any here in the UK but still not finding what i need, axle is 3" diameter I need 12" length 1/2" thread size or are they metric M12 ? Anyone point me in the right direction ? Also for a 3-4" drop should i be using a block with an angle, how many degrees ? And does the angle go down on the leaf spring ? Thanks for any help!
  2. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Thanks for the info guys, learning new info all the time. Steering boss fitted, in the end i found a 36 spline boss for a land rover, quailty isny great but it will do, i will have to machine the largest dia. so it fits into the trim and im going to make it shorter. The wheel is temp as i need to find a nice classic looking one. Took the bull bar/front guard off, i like it so far what do you guys think ? Painted the rocker cover, not the greatest job will do for now, i like things that sparkle! All the front ball joints nearly done, i had to get the lower hub units from thailand, they should fit and its all done.
  3. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Quite an intresting read! This is the major problem across all models even into the 90's with the same chassis but different parts on different cars. but at least ol' wiki has some sence and insight into that! It is from thailand, so i guess it was made for that market so who knows what other combinations they did there. More progress soon.
  4. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Update The more i look at this truck the more i discover things i dont like about how things have been done, Wiring is terrible and mess, the ecu looks like the original ? Found out it has enkei 15 x 8.5 et -20 wheels, the rears had 35mm steel spacers on! Wheels fit alot better now, adjusted the drum shoes as well, the handbrake(parking brake) need adjustment too. When you put the foot brake on, the rear lights/brake lights flash 5-6 times, then stops for a second then repeats, maybe a relay has been put in or what i dont know... Found out on the front, not only are the top & bottom ball joints on the hubs destroyed, both inner and outer steering ball joints as well, basically a death trap! 😯 The steering box has a thick 20mm torched cut plate spacing it out to miss the sr20 alternator not great seems to work, the lower arm end of the box seems to be leaking too. Bled the front brakes to see if that helps, looks like it has the stock master, probably should change it to a s14 unit. The rear of the gearbox(trans) leaks as well, not too bad the part will be easy to get 😄 The exhuast is a maze of different sizes, the main problem is it goes down under the centre chassis cross member, its about 4" off the ground so i cant go much lower right now, im thinking of hole sawing through the cross membesr and taking it through there which will give me alot more clearence to go lower, wont be easy but i get to fab an all new stainless exhuast 😄 I want to fit a quick release steering wheel to make easier to get in and out, proved near impossible find a specific datsun boss, counted the splines which is 36 and ordered a land rover boss, i hope that fits, i can then bolt a quick release to that, i may even machine down the boss to make it extra slim (im cnc machinist) I cant get the glovebox open, does it need a key ? So ive ordered all the ball joints and i had to get the steering rod ends from thailand, which actually came over night, Also got some new wheel nuts but bought 20 & i need 24 doh! That paint chip annoys even more than my collie constantly giving me that ball! lol
  5. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Thanks Rat-a-tat-dat I did notch the bed door had Datsun instead if nissan which was a plus for me, but good to know that its from 620! I proby have a whole heap of odd parts i have no idea whats from at this point, but again thats no different from a factory built nissan from the 90's 🤣 The truck arrives tomorrow so more pics to come and work will start!
  6. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Do you mean the bed on the back or the cab ?
  7. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Oh really, that sounds like a really bad design, metal on metal is just pointless why even make that ? Im very new to this, so far im going by what i find but thats why im on here to get better knowledge! So a 'real' lsd excists ? or do i need to change the axle over ? I know theres other benefits like disc brakes if i did that.
  8. Pickmeup

    Uk datty 720

    Hello from the UK, i have bought my first ever datsun 720! Lots of plans to sort her out and bring her into the now, i will need some help on few things, hopefully some you guys can help me along the way! What i know so far: 1983 rwd 720 LWB Bought in from thailand Been restored at some point S15(i think) SR20de conversion on s15 5 speed, either 160hp or Autech 200hp! Possible Tomei cams Enkei wheels with crazy offset Underneth is very good for its age, been undersealed which is very important here for the UK Has power steering, looks old tech so not later nissan Plans so far: Heltech digi dash as nothing works currently Open rear diff, found this one any gd ? https://www.tractionconcepts.com/1980-1986-Datsun-720-Truck-H190-Diff-Lsd-Kit-p/tcxda4621.htm Fix/adjust/clutch as the biting point is very low Replace the upper & lower front ball joints Big brake upgrade - ive read 2000 pathfinder brakes fit Update the suspension and get it a bit lower to the ground! Change the seating arrangment as im 6ft 2" and its a bit uncomfortable- maybe brides Generally replace and tidy the engine bay and various parts It has AC, its gets hot here for like a months worth so its coming out Banana 4-2-1 manifold Inlet upgrade, greddy free flowing plenum Bigger injectors Upgrade the radiator Redo the exhuast system in stainless 2.5/3" Haltech standalone for mapping power gains & better mpg Change wheels as i like the body stock Change the steering wheel maybe even the colunm as well Id like to get a custom moulded rubber bed mould so i dont damge it Change the engine bay colour! Hope you guys like it! Mike
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