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  1. When you do the squeegee, do you mold it to the length that you need or do you end up cutting it to fit each side? Reason I ask, would there be enough scrap to send a piece to Thailand to check feasibility and cost to make them there with the same rubber we used for the wing window rubber? It'd have to be piece you don't need back.
  2. I think they will but it may take a little longer. I think several people are waiting to see if there are any complaints and some waiting for money or to show up on eBay.
  3. I received mine this morning, they look GREAT and I already know the fit will be good. It'll be a while before they go back in though. I never did get a DHL notice, they just showed up at the front door sometime between yesterday morning and this morning. Thanks to all the folks at Advanced Auto Supply!
  4. Mickey1845, Have not received my tracking number yet. Thanks. R/ Trakker
  5. I'll look at mine to see if I can see what it does, I'd be speculating otherwise.
  6. I'm happy to see people are starting to receive their seals and for those who have installed them it pleases me to see them fit nicely. So far I've heard of no real issues in installation but if anyone does find a problem (you won't) don't hesitate to let mickey or myself know and we'llwork through it. Thanks and have a great Holiday Season! No New Year's Eve party for me this year, I'll be spending that morning (31st) in surgery and hope to get back on my truck in roughly three weeks or so, providing all goes well.
  7. On the back lip, measure bottom to top = 12" 3/8th or 5/8th can't read my writing. Now measure 3/4" and make a mark, then at 6". From the 3/4 to rounded lip = 8" and from 6" mark to the lip = 5" 11/16th. Hope that helps. Not all will be identical due to eye sight, rulers, or whatever.
  8. Eric, Am I premature in asking how the Article is/went? Is it getting published?
  9. Exactly! Since mine is not going to be stock (seats, engine, regulator, and tranny non-stock) then it comes down to function, price, and ease of installation..
  10. I agree, the slot is there to prevent water intrusion into the cab. I'm fine with whatever design is used but ultimately the end product should have the slot. Also, if nobody objects, whoever it is that ends up sending in the sample should take lead and in communicating with the manufacturer's POC.
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