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  1. if the float is down the fuel is not in the carb. If you disconnect the fuel line to the carb and fuel comes out the stop valve is probaly bad. Its in the rebuild kit. Usually the float chamber is always half full. The dot is the level it should be at. If not I dont think the fuel is making it to the carb.
  2. Went to a rust or shine car show yesterday. Was fun. One of three Datsuns there was really awesome. Every person there was like I had one in high school. That morning it was hard to start. No idea why. The way back no problem. Then I noticed the overflow I put on was empty. So I fill the radiator with water and rev it up and watch a fountain come from the heater core hose. Over an hour of driving and could have been way worse. 15 dollars in fluid and hose and all better. hard start was the coolant spraying right inside the cap. Been a long time since moisture wa
  3. Hey, anyway to adjust that high idle screw with the carb installed? Screw in or out to lower the idle? thanks.
  4. Just found out my high idle screw is in a bit much, started raining so have to fix it in the light tomorrow.
  5. Well aparently I unpluged 2 vacuum lines at the back of the manifold, runs like a top with way more power and the idle screw is almost all the way in instead of all the way out when I started the rebuild, so I might get some decent milage now lol.
  6. Well timing was off and the new headlights take more draw, so I may have to upgrade the alternator.
  7. So, original carb, original gaskets and spacer, all cracked super compressed and leaking, just pouring gas in the intake all the time. Got the rebuild kit, rebuilt it all but found i was missing 2 needed gaskets and the spacer which was bent and cracked. They will show up tomorrow. I should be in real good shape at that point. I hope dialing in doesnt tax my patience, but we shall see. Also put on some LED 7" bulbs so I can see while driving at night. I didnt do halos or turn signals, just the lights. Dark bulbs do change the look of the front for sure.
  8. Ya i dont have an auto, i do have a driveshaft but need to put the new U joints in it and have it checked for balance. As for the rest its sketchy. I have about everything, but with it all being old I keep thinking I dont have anything wrong with the 4 speed why mess with it.
  9. Hey can you take pictures of the transmission mount and slave cylinder setup used to put that dogleg in there. I am getting ready to try to do this, but am on the fence lol.
  10. well the hole is already in the car so just wanted a full badge lol, if i can find one.
  11. got a good b210 badge with both posts?
  12. Couldnt you make a hydralic emergency brake. Like use a clutch master cylinder and run a line to another caliper mounted 180 on the other side, of course a mount would need fabricated. You could even use the ebrake still if you mounted the master with say an eclosed fill under there to push into it when you pull up engaging the brake by pushing fluid into it. A you pull it and finding a decent working set of parts shouldnt be too difficult I dont think. Then all you have to do is rig some bent steel with holes at both ends to mount to existing bolts on the main caliper side and go across t
  13. ill look for 1 but not finding many parts in my area.
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