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  1. Ya i dont have an auto, i do have a driveshaft but need to put the new U joints in it and have it checked for balance. As for the rest its sketchy. I have about everything, but with it all being old I keep thinking I dont have anything wrong with the 4 speed why mess with it.
  2. Hey can you take pictures of the transmission mount and slave cylinder setup used to put that dogleg in there. I am getting ready to try to do this, but am on the fence lol.
  3. well the hole is already in the car so just wanted a full badge lol, if i can find one.
  4. got a good b210 badge with both posts?
  5. Couldnt you make a hydralic emergency brake. Like use a clutch master cylinder and run a line to another caliper mounted 180 on the other side, of course a mount would need fabricated. You could even use the ebrake still if you mounted the master with say an eclosed fill under there to push into it when you pull up engaging the brake by pushing fluid into it. A you pull it and finding a decent working set of parts shouldnt be too difficult I dont think. Then all you have to do is rig some bent steel with holes at both ends to mount to existing bolts on the main caliper side and go across to mount to the emergency caliper side.
  6. ill look for 1 but not finding many parts in my area.
  7. Thanks, those are them. Ordered a set. We shall see how it goes.
  8. I didn’t see ones with inside clips like that. Where would I get those?
  9. The B210 is staked in and i have seen a kit, but to make sure its done right it should be balanced. No clips on the inside The holes are actually punched from the outside so the C cup cannot come out either way. The place with the kit has not responded so kind of out of luck at the moment. I can do the swap in a day, but I dont want the drive shaft exploding down the road due to age and corrosion of the u joints.
  10. Apparently it can be done, someone makes u joints to do it. Just need to find a machine shop cheap enough to do it and rebalance. Don’t see too much of that anymore I guess.
  11. I am sure it will be. I have the plate already. I just want to find someone who will replace the staked driveshaft u joints before I start. I see they have brand new doormans on eBay but for 600 dollars I am sure I could do a lot of other sweet things to the car.
  12. Macdrone

    Free. Datsun 310

    Where are you located?
  13. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I have a 63a 5 speed dogleg and want to get it in my 77 B210, pretty sure I’ll have the hydraulic line figured out. Mount probably figured out. switches will transfer over pretty sure. just need a driveshaft. Let me me know how much shipped to 98626 and I’ll see what I can do.



  14. The crossmember being movable my work, although it looks like they added plates and left the crossmember on it like they were getting it ready so I have a lot of extra there to work with. Ya the arm is gone but I am seeing that even though on the other side the arm off the 4 speed should be the same. Won’t know for sure until I pull it out but the same part number was listed for the 4 and 5 speed so my fingers are crossed. thanks for the info. its going to be my first “possible” mod that was an “option” for the car. kind of excited so we shall see.
  15. So I found a dogleg transmission. Since the owners manual said it was an option I will be ok with the swap. a few things I guess. i guess I need a automatic driveshaft as the transmission is shorter. There is one on eBay. Might have to pull the trigger. i have to route more hydraulic line as the slave is on the opposite side. i need to move the cross member, since it came with one that should be easy. clutch disc I got should work, any my other thoughts or concerns? any extra insight or a cheap driveshaft or shift knob is greatly appreciated.
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