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  1. Can I put new/newer D21 front suspension parts on a 1978/79 620? Slight fab? I’m just really stuck on what to do about upgrading the suspension on the ole truck! Putting a big motor in it and want it to be able to stay on the damn road!
  2. Thank you! Any tiny bit of info is super helpful! I’ll look into the title issue.
  3. Oh man! I honestly didn’t think of that being a possibility. What about the wheel base? Is it the same? Would the wheel wells line up more or less? I want the wider stance! 😛 like I said, I know a really good feller that will help me out in any way possible, it’s just telling him what I want done and going about it the right way. He’s not a datsun man though so these questions are not for him.
  4. Might as well go full fab if any fab is needed. Good thing I know me a feller. 😛 I was just thinking that 1987 parts are 13 years newer than 1974 and maybe they were interchangeable. And to change them out before they broke from the havoc that will be ensued.
  5. Hello! I am new here and have zero idea what forum I needed to post my question on so I’m sorry if this isn’t the right one but my question still might be answered. I have a 1974 620 that I’m transitioning to a drift truck, but I really want to upgrade the suspension. I have found a very nice hardbody that’s cheap and easily accessible. Does any of the D21 hardbody suspension parts go on to the Datsun? Or should I just bite the bullet and pay the penny to have a custom suspension? I do know a fabricator and it won’t be through the roof for me fortunately but if it’s easily done to just switch the newer parts from the d21 to the datsun would that suffice for a good little while so I can focus on other things with the truck and not have to send it off. Thank you anybody who can answer my very vague question!
  6. Hello! I live in clinton and would love to come look at your 620’s! Please get back to me as soon as possible! Thank you. ☺️

  7. Hello. First post here! i was just curious as to what the best engine for a 1974 Datsun would be that wouldn’t require cutting out half the firewall or relocating every thing as needed. I know it will obviously take some work but I don’t know Nissan motors all that well and would like some input. Thank you!
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