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  1. Wow Man, you really are going to town on the 720 and I'm glad it's in your hands. I just wasn't prepared to go quite that far, I just wanted to rescue it and get it running and driving and send it off to someone who would take it to the next level. The knock off carb was really just a stop gap measure to get the truck starting and running slightly better as the weber was super dirty and rebuilding it wasn't going to make it any better due to the base plate adapters being missing. I figured the knock off and new base plate adapters were a viable option that was just a little more expensive than the kit and plates alone. I got it from Pierce mainfolds so mayhap give them a holler and see what they say about it. The block vent is something I was going to get to but just never had a chance to get to it and your fix is exactly what I was gonna do, I guess great minds drink alike! Sorry I forgot to mention it when we were going over it. I still feel like shit about the tire falling off and I'm sure I torqued the nuts but maybe I forgot to who knows, water under the bridge. And surely the truck being 47 years old a lot of shit can happen in that time so who knows how may times the lugs were over/ under tightened in that time. The head and timing chain, jeez man that sucks and I suspected something wasn't quite right with the power level and that certainly would explain it. Hopefully you can get it figured out without too much trouble. Then the gas tank, the truck was sitting for 10 years buried up to the axles so yeah, plus 47 years it's a rare thing to find a vehicle with a perfect tank. I would do as suggested and re seal it. I did it with great success on my Challenger ages ago and it had dozens of pin holes and held up for over 15 years before I replaced it with a reproduction one. Another thing to think about regarding the brakes, I'm not sure if you noticed it yet, but I repaired a pinhole in the front line under the master cylinder correctly using the right repair (I forgot what the fitting is called) but it was flared and installed properly. I was looking into new lines but couldn't find a recource for them hence the repair and perhaps you'll have better luck, or just buy a roll of tubing and flaring tool and make your own. Definitely something to consider and I certainly was! Lastly, the body work is looking fantastic and I'm excited to see the final outcome, please dont hesitate to send me progress pics as I may not alwayssee them on this thread. Anyway, keep up the good work, don't get discouraged and remember, It isn't about the destination, it's about the journey to get there! Later Frank
  2. Had a 79 last year that my step father gave me to pay back 600 that he borrowed. Truck was rusted to shit, fenders nearly falling off, floors gone, bed toast, door skins flopping..... you get the idea. Had a perfect dash however, ran and gearbox shifted smoothly. Posted it on CL and within a couple weeks had it sold for 600, dude came from over three hours away to get it. Once he handed me the cash he said "I'd have given you 600 just for the dash"!!!
  3. I had the same crank pulley situation with a 91 prelude. Crank key gone. damage to the crank, damage to the damper/ pulley, no damper/ pulley to be had anywhere after hours of searching online so I just decided to just put it back together. I wish I'd seen this tread before you (OP) had put yours back together without a woodruff. I would have told you to go to your local ACE hardware bolt bin and get a new key to install. Mine local one had actal woodruff keys but the prelude needed a square one so I picked one up cut it in half, installed pulley and bolt with blue locktite. In hindsight, I should have used the locktite on the key as well. Put it back together and fired it up and it seems to be holding
  4. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    I assume it's as simple as wiring it up same as the other or am I way off base here?
  5. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    Update.. I't's running great again Instead of trying for the hundreth ttime to set the point gap to specs, I said f*** it and spread them apart by eye farther than the 18-22 and it fired right up, reved and idled great Not sure why this would be the case but it's running and that's a good thing After really looking at the distributer, it seems that it most likely is a dual point one that someone in the past had removed the lower set (pic to follow) So, since it's running good again, I'm hesitant to continue dinking with it but if it'll improve drivability, I'm willing to give a shot at putting the second set in. How do I go about wiring in another set?
  6. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    There's only one set of points Good spark from the new coil and the one from Challenger Good spark on all plugs (single) points gap set at 18 Will start and run the same as before, crappy Disconnected condenser, won't fire at all Swap new condenser with one from back side of distributer. Will start and run the same as before, crappy I have yet to pick up a set of NGK plugs, will do that today and post back results
  7. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    Only one set of points but with a condenser on both sides of distributer Stock (original) coil is bad, was running great before tune up with the one out of my Challenger. Ballast resistor is original and I presume, working Would love to reinstall the old parts but alas, they got tossed with the trash so I'm stuck with the new stuff 😞
  8. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    NGK, Check, I grab a set tomorrow after work. I'll Re gap the points to 18 but as of now the only way it'll fire up at all is at 12 Checked, checked and re checked firing order and wire locations, I check again. There seems to be two condensers, one towards the block (the one I replaced) and one on the other side. Which one should I disconnect? Thanks
  9. CHL2T

    Used to run great

    Before I made the mistake of giving it a tune up.... New plugs and wires New cap and rotor New points and condenser New coil (original was bad so borrowed one from the Callenger which wanted it back) New water pump (had to file down the fins a tiny bit as they were rubbing the block, should have stopped there!) Point gap set to .012 Plugs gapped to spec Firing order 1 3 4 2 Counterclock Plenty of fuel, fuel filter full, new 32-36 carb great accelerator pump shot into carb Was running and driving great before the tune up and now it will barely fire up and when it does it sounds like its missing badly and acts like its running out of gas then dies Clearly I should have simply changed one thing out at a time and ran it each time to verify operation. Unfortunately I tossed all the old parts so I can't backtrack Any ideas as I'm running out of them
  10. CHL2T

    73 620 Tomato garden

    Thanks for the how to on pictures, I appreciate it! Here's how it looks after a couple weekends of dinking with it.. New brakes and lines (still squishy) New carb. Runs great Yanked out Home Depot crappy carpet Yanked out hardboard rear panel with stick on diamond plate stuff Fixed drivers window (bent door support catching regulator) Charger, Challenger and Scout in background
  11. CHL2T

    73 620 Tomato garden

    Pics? perhaps..... This is how I found it https://imgur.com/a/C8rK4G5 https://imgur.com/KUkI7uq https://imgur.com/CZDTvX2
  12. CHL2T

    73 620 Tomato garden

    Got it l back tegether and just fired it up, seems to run good. gonna take it for a test drive in the driveway and see what I can see....
  13. CHL2T

    73 620 Tomato garden

    Right on, thanks for the info. Looks like I need a trip to the auto parts store/ Ace hardware to brew up a proper connection from the PCV to block vent
  14. CHL2T

    73 620 Tomato garden

    I'd love for you to see the pics but I'm unsure how to post em up.....
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