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  1. I also replaced the accelerator pump but did a monkey see monkey do so if previous owners messed with it, linkage may be in wrong. I do see it squirt fuel but don't know if it was too much or not enough. I will be downloading manual I saw posted so I will have a better idea of what to do to fix.
  2. I appreciate all the advice. I was told by previous owner that the distributor was replaced, new rebuilt alt, new starter, new battery, plugs and wires. Many other people have had their fingers in this truck, a lot of make do parts due to being a farm truck, so I am having to begin at square one. Quite possible that timing is off a tooth. Carb has been messed with as some of the screw head slots are distorted. I have the carb off and will be doing a thorough cleaning. Need to pick up a timing light and dwell meter to check timing. A work in progress! I normally hate working on vehicles becau
  3. New filter, fresh gas,filter still looks clean. I have been reading other posts on this topic and will be testing things out and keep posting as I go along. Had this truck for 4 years now but just getting around to reviving it since retirement. Looking forward to being on this forum.
  4. Received in trade for labor 1974 620 pickup. A farm truck with original sales slip from Nebraska dealership. Having some trouble with carburetor (at least I think it's carburation) starts and will idle all day long but stalls and dies when I rev it up unless I go very slowly. Once reved up stalls under load. I can move it around by revving it up and riding the the clutch but not able to drive reliably. Bought an ebay carb but it looks like one for L16 engine. Being a '74 it has an L18 engine. Pics of L18 carb don't quite look like mine. Looks more like a z24 carb. Any help is appreciated.
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