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    1977 Datsun 280 Z Under 80k miles Immaculate Current Work to date Fuel Injectors have been cleaned flowed and calibrated Replaced Fuel Rail with a larger OD rail Re stored the electrical to all injectors Falken Tires Installed 215 60R 15 on era correct rims. New Radiator replaced as with all hoses, new belts, water pump New NGK Plugs and Silicone Wires. Fuel Tank was removed and boiled out. Fuel lines cleaned and cleared, new fuel pump & filter Air conditioning recharged with current R 34 KYB Struts with Eibach Progressive Springs lowered 2” New Poly Urethane boots and bushings all around Replaced Intake Manifold with a newer more efficient design Chromed Valve Cover from Scotts. Replaced Headlights with Halogen Replaced 4 speed with 5 speed manual transmission, new clutch, throw out bearing, New master and slave cylinders, flywheel ground New Master Brake Cylinder Replaced exhaust from Catalytic Converter back with 2 1/8” piping. Replaced Seats Custom Reupholstered Installed a XM/Bluetooth Stereo System Car Painted in 2104 matching color New Front Windshield with new gasket


    Phoenix - US

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