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  1. So I have 3 choices of oil cap... $55 (+ shipping) for this... https://datsunpartsshop.com.au/collections/datsun-parts/products/datsun-a-series-and-early-l-series-oil-cap Or $19 for this... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tridon-Oil-Cap-TOC507/152478755480?epid=25004201369&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2380712a98:g:xgUAAOSwax5YvQ78&enc=AQAEAAACcIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXKDfYOPGy6TP3UksDR9kNPn2hWuheWIHM0eCrjEKsZZPJHCJmIK1ruVe%2FXa2M%2B%2FhgWf%2B0Y6uvCFu1LGTqCwFpQPozXLLkZTgcNb9SOHAnHIUfEozAPy7gnDulHoYln%2BitrHWLBiUacblp8sgTSHOSszvC42QHAHCVj
  2. Looking good. I've never built an exhaust. Seems like a challenge. I thought about putting the K24 in my 510. Not sure if I want the bother now I have a garage full of L18 parts. BTW, if that's your brother's VW, he's done well to get the bootlid shut with the Subaru under it. Love to see some pics of it. πŸ™‚
  3. I just looked up the Datsun Maxima on google. So interesting. We got the 810 Bluebird here, which looks like the same car but with a shorter boot and bonnet and only the L20 and a solid rear axle. I know the JDM models included Z18DET and FJ20DET motors with IRS. I had no idea you guys got them as a 6cyl, let alone the L28 diesel. We only got that diesel motor in Patrols. It'd be fun to throw a turbo on that motor. It'd be a great sleeper!
  4. No, the TBs have individual ports. Should work well I reckon, so does my machinist friend. He built a slide throttle setup for a BB Chev years ago! On the subject of old parts, I was looking at some old parts on line yesterday. I asked about a fuel tank with a collection tank welded on the bottom for EFI. The seller got back to me this morning and told me I could have it, just come grab it. Then I found out it was 200 miles away in Canberra. Oh... My day at work didn't end well yesterday. My boss dropped a bomb on me last thing and I went home wondering if I even wanted
  5. The TBs I'm using are these ones... They're an old mechanical injection setup from the 70's. They were originally made for an ACVW motor for speedway racing. I bought them off a guys some years back intending to put them on some sort of hot-rod. When I compared their port spacing to the Datsun port spacing it was about 10mm different. So my machinist friend is making an adaptor plate to go between the castings and the head.I've still got to sort out an injector rail and a throttle position sensor, but it should work out ok. They're 45mm, so about right for the datto.
  6. Of course there was more rust than that. It was gone around the windscreen and other places, but I wondered how hard it would be to save after seeing yours. I guess the answer is still, "lots of work". Besides I have one simple panel to fix and I haven't done that yet. πŸ™„ In other news, I was out SW Motorsports recently and they had two 510s there. One with a rotary and the other with... wait for it... a Subaru Ej20T. 😲 Now I mean I know some people like to be different, but that's ridiculous. There was literally 2mm between the front belt covers and the frame rail, and that was aft
  7. Picked up some parts today and saw this poor old thing... It's getting parted out. I suspect your's was worse @Noll
  8. Makes me worry about what's inside my rockers.
  9. Managed to get to the parts shop this morning and pick up a few things. The first of them is this bosch sensor... Clever little thing does BOTH oil pressure and oil temp. Comes with this 5 pin plug, but only uses 4 of them. Apparently it's off something Audi/VW (VAG), but there is a downside. The factory VAG thread is M10x1 would you believe? Weird Germans. So it needs an adaptor. Hopefully that all works well. I also got a temp sensor. Simple thing really, and my pet machinist is making me up a M16-M12 adaptor so I can use it and kee
  10. It's 94 octane. So close enough to 95, but a heap cheaper. I think the current plan is to just get it running and maybe put it on club rego. It's a sweet car in many ways, but it needs a proper cleanup from sitting around for about 20years.
  11. Not able to crawl around on the floor yet due to my knee mucking up, but I was able to do a little more in the boot (trunk) this arvo. As you can see a previous owner, covered the inside of the quarters with old carpet. This was presumably to prevent heavy or sharp things knocking dings from the inside. A common issue on old cars over here. Peeling that off, I've been thinking about whether to patch in all, or just the lower portion of the inner drop panel. I spent some time scraping back 50yo seam sealer. The rubber seal also came out in one piece which is
  12. Nice quick cleanup… but I gotta say, I LOVED the broken and ratty vibe you had before. It was the sort of look that said, "If you try and swap paint with me, you'll catch a social disease." πŸ˜„
  13. Dude, you are truly an inspiration. I know that sounds trite, but if it were me I would have cried and run away. You've pitched in and saved something that might have ended up in the crusher. Which is great for all manner of reasons, the planet, your skills, our encouragement. I just need to work myself up to do some on my car. πŸ˜„
  14. I played professionally for a few years and really wanted a custom bass but couldn't afford one. A friend got me into building. I've built mostly basses, but also a few guitars. Just a warning before you look at them. I'm very much in the "mad scientist" end of electric guitar/bass construction. I've thrown out the Fender norm and gone clean sheet a few different ways right from the beginning. . . . . . . . . This is the latest one Some others...
  15. Jay Leno has one and talked about all the dramas with the suspension. I think it's air, but it could hydraulic like Citroens. Mercedes Classic has all the parts apparently, but if you're a Ratsun member something tells me you're not going to want to throw cubic $$$$$$ at them.
  16. Enjoying this thread. I've built a few guitars and basses. I'll dig up some pics and post em tomorrow
  17. Silly me, the fuel is actually called e10. There's an explanation here... https://www.canstar.com.au/car-insurance/which-petrol-should-you-use/
  18. So, for anyone reading this thread for the first time I thought it would be helpful to have a summary... Step 1. Decide to fix up your Datsun 310. Step 2. Buy CNC to build NASA spec engine parts. πŸ€“ Love your work @Atomic 😁
  19. Thanks for that! Great video. I've seen that method before and I was tempted to use it. My issue is the outer repair panel has to go around TWO corners in the wheel arch and around the back. So that makes things a little more complex, but I might have a go at this anyway. I was planning to have a go at it today, but my right knee when PING! last night and it seems like I've got a slight tear in my MCL. So sitting cross legged under a Datsun today ain't gonna happen. 😞 I'm not letting things stop me too much though... I pulled out all my EFI bits today to see what I have and it's pr
  20. Rather not! Prefer to do it once and do it properly. It's $300 worth of repair panels. Yeah, I know what you think about repair panels.
  21. Confession... I'm totally procrastinating. I have a full bottle of welding gas, lots 0.6mm wire, $270 worth of repair panels and I'm just scared of stuffing it up. Someone wail on me or coax me into doing it. 😟
  22. 1 word = jealous. 😞 Like I don't already have enough junk in my garage... πŸ˜„
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