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  1. Seems like it's very securely attached with the stiches. If you can't see it, I don't see why welding up the gaps really matters.
  2. Had some major work issues occupying my mind recently and sleep hasn't been plentiful, but on Saturday and today, I managed to do some welding practice on an old bonnet I have. The weld's you can see are the second go I've had at welding on this metal. On the first go, I had a try at the "overlapping patch" technique. It didn't work because the steel is so thin and the cutting disk is a little too thick. I'm going to look into some thinner cutting disks, but even then, I don't think it will work. I've hit on these as effective settings for the me
  3. That's exactly what happened. Yes, they were hard against each other. The gas is meant to be MIG mix. Argon and CO2. Worked ok that morning and since on bare metal.
  4. So, the issues I had were two fold... 1. Welding through the hole was ok-ish, but not great. 2. As soon as the weld touched the "hole" edge on the outer panel, it blew through the panel. So there was enough heat for one panel, but way too much for the edge. I tried grinding back the primer with a wire brush and retouching the scrappy welds and my experience was nearly the same. I'm pretty sure more heat would have caused bigger blow throughs. So yeah, not quite sure what to do. Short bursts of weld garnered the same results as longer welds. 😞
  5. Hey! Hang on! What's with buying an old car with a decent battery! That's not how it's spose to work! 😦
  6. In the bottle, the fuel looks similar to what came out of mine. You want 2 new fuel filters on the car now. One under the tank. One before the pump in the engine bay. Change them once you've been driving it... Or if they block up first. 😁
  7. Thanks for the encouragement. It's not completely terrible, it's just not what I wanted. I think I'll be doing some practice on an old bonnet I have before putting the quarter panel on.
  8. Today was a bit of a mixed bag. First the good... Having established that the bottom edge of the rear inner wheel arch was too thin and nasty to try welding things too, I cut it out and patched it. Nothing anyone will ever see or award me for, but decent welds. Decent grinding. Altogether very solid and acceptable. Then I went out to pick up a child and have lunch. Having come back, I got the drop panel ready for installation. A heap of 8mm holes, grinding the paint back and then weld through primer. Got it clamped in place and started welding...
  9. you're a better man than me Noll. So much rust...
  10. Please tell me the head is getting ported and a bigger cam at the same time. Remember Newton's 5th rule. 🤓 Repairs = Upgrades 😄
  11. Not heaps to update, but a few little things. On the bodywork front, I've finally managed to get the drop panel in position. It fits ok, but I ended up having to cut a slot in the back of the car to get it in. I suspect, most people would just cut more of the quarter panel off to get it in, but I'm trying to avoid that if I can for now. I figure I can fill it with weld later. I'm good at filling holes. 😄 On reflection, I think I am going to try that "overlap" panel technique. After all, what can possible go wrong.
  12. I've been distracted by things like house insulation, but I have a working temp sensor for the motor, yay! I get to keep the factory temp sender, so that the dash still works.
  13. Wow, thanks heaps for that! I'm surprised by how quiet the engine is. There's still a note of L series 4, but it's mostly muffled by your watercooled headers and the "jet" engine on the back. 😆
  14. Love to hear some footage of the L20 running in the boat. 🙂
  15. Is the coupe screen different than the sedan? I thought they were the same. 🤔 P.s. there are plenty of 610s out here, shipping would be a killer though.
  16. 😞 Insurance is such a mixed bag. So good when it works, such a rort when it doesn't.
  17. I've got a cobalt bit I bought years ago now. Works ok, but the tip is getting a little blunt. I gather they're nearly impossible to sharpen. BTW, when you're installing a new panel, do you drill holes in the panel for the new welds? What size holes do you drill?
  18. It's telling me the video is private. 😞
  19. Well @Lachlan, if you're already a nut, may as well be a Datsun nut. 🤓
  20. Managed to find a stock style cap for 20 bucks so I ordered that. Back to the real work finally today after I spent most of it buying insulation for our roof (20 year old house has none, would you believe?), then driving to our favorite burrito restaurant. After drilling for hours... Ok, it felt like hours, I was able to get the drop panel out ok. I found an extra little bit of rust I'll want to patch, but aside from that it was straight forward enough. Thats when things ground to a halt. Although I'd got the old panel out, for the life of me, I cannot see h
  21. Bout time! This is a very sweet, original car. I think it's only done 119k as the Speedo reads. Looking forward to see what comes out of the fuel tank. Lol. Should I post a picture of it's new shoes? Ok then. 😊
  22. If the diesel is healthy.. and heck, those motors are pretty stout, an ebay turbo and fuel pump work would be much cheaper and easier. Could even be that a petrol 280zx turbo manifold might fit right up. A lot of other things about the L series motors are similar. Don't quote me on that though. @datzenmike would probably know.
  23. They're great motors. I had one in this buggy a while back. An early DOHC motor. 165hp. Went like stink and similarly, really quiet.
  24. Looks really good. I'm guessing EJ25 SOHC, right? What did he do with the sump?
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