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  1. What can I say, I'll be putting some popcorn in the microwave. 🍿 There are few things I fear more than a bare metal resto.
  2. As they say on Cold War Motors... "floor delete". 🤣 😨 I applaud your enthusiasm. A lot of work ahead.
  3. Ok, so it's not just us. That's helpful info... I guess.
  4. Fantastic! What are your plans for the L20B? Atmo or some sort of boost?
  5. You guys have a huge van scene in NZ. Right? I've seen a lot of rotary powered vans on youtube. Chur bol! 🤣
  6. Man, we had so many of them here down under. Another 80's car you just don't see anymore. Looks like you're having fun with it. Good onya! 😃
  7. I've noticed I'm having issues posting Insta links... and all the old insta links in my build thread aren't working. They're not working in this thread either. @datzenmike could we fix this some how?
  8. That takes me back. They were everywhere when I was a kid. My parents used to go to the big Sydney fruit/vegie markets every months and buy in bulk. Those things would be flying around everywhere like mesherschmits during the blitz! My mum would be grabbing us and pulling out the way. Crazy stuff!!! 😨 I can still remember the smell of the LPG fuel. Who made them? Are they a Nissan thing with a different name?
  9. Just across the ditch. Nice car.
  10. I was wondering about that too. I was also wondering what struts you used @the510keeper?
  11. Been a big few weeks. Moved to a new church as senior pastor and been on holidays too. Today was my first day in the new position and I received this as a welcome present! https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ5nXbPr427/?igshid=1vyb9z7318n32
  12. I'm jealous of your weak burnout. 😆 And I applaud the switch to MS. When I stop moving house and get my garage back, my 510 is getting a microsquirt. Had one on my last car and LOVED it. Which ECU are you using MS2?
  13. Went out to Stewart Wilkins Motorsport. They were kind enough to print out the graph for my dyno tune. I'm a bit scared for my driveshafts with a neck snapping 67hp and 75lb at the wheels! He also gave me a table of all the fuel mixtures which will help come efi time.
  14. Trying to sort out a few things before moving. One of them is a baffled rear sump for my l18 race motor. I've been fiddling with the temple Stewart Wilkins gave me a while back. Today I got it almost sorted. I also pulled the Stanza sump off and had a look at the bottom end. Suffice to say I'm very happy. It's obviously been fully balanced. It's also pretty clean. http://www.instagram.com/p/CImrLR_rPr-/?igshid=118m2iwnbf395
  15. Love to see an update on this. I suspected that the crossmember was a nightmare and you did a great job on it! Same with the turbo header!
  16. I looked at RX7s at the same time I was looking at Datsuns. The early Rx7s (Series 1,2,3) are great cars, but there seems to be more available for datsuns and nissans. Could also be there are lots of Rx7s for sale because they tend to break and be more expensive to fix? A good rotary is not a cheap thing.
  17. Awesome! So that's 900kg + SR20 verses 1100kg + 13B? Love to know your thoughts on the strengths of the 510 over the RX7, coz they're both great drivers cars.
  18. Been nearly a month since I last posted and LOTS has happened. I've been offered a new job and taken it, which is great for my whole family. Unfortunately, it also means moving again... that's three times in three years. We have to sort out what to do with our house and I've had to downsize some wood work tools too. Where I'm going we're provided with a really nice house, but I'm going from a 2 car garage to a generous 1 car garage. So yeah, not so much room for junk, although there is some sneaky storage for parts. In Datsun world, the car has been getting driven 3-4 days a week. Stewart Wilkin's tuning the car was worth every dollar. The twin hitachis (SUs) are very sweet carbs and give lots of down low torque as well as fun shouty noises with your foot flat. 😁 I'm still battling a few issues, but they might have to wait til next year and I have these things to put on the car... Megasquirt EFI Race motor Back mudflaps Hydraulic handbrake Proper rear exhaust mount My turbo guru mate and I are planning a few things like maybe a different cam and a turbo. He has an adjustable nozzle turbo off a 3 litre diesel hilux he thinks is perfect.
  19. Good idea. Lots of easy parts and tech. Looking forward to more pics!
  20. P.s. Love to see your FIA head. 🛠️
  21. Ha! I see what you did there. 😉 🤓
  22. Nice. Good choice. I think I read earlier in the build you were thinking of building a hot L16. The L18 is a much easier place to start. You can even stroke them out to 2000cc with an L20B crank and Violet/Stanza L16 rods. I'm loving my L18 and it's pretty well stock. Just with a pair of SUs it revs and revs. A hot cam or some boost will make it heaps of fun. 🙂
  23. Nice ITBs. What motor are they going on?
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