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  1. I'm continuing to pick away at things that I'm sure will fail the inspection. Having had a quick look at the driver's seatbelt the other day, I could see the belt was frayed near the buckle from overuse. I knew that would be a fail. Then I pulled the passenger belt out today and found this... So yeah. Not a winner. Faded to blue grey, frayed and nasty. I've got a new pair on order for the front. In other news, my mate that sold me the 810 5 speed dropped these bits around today... The rims are a factory alloy off a Nissan Bluebird (91
  2. Some of it i don't mind. After all there are many people who don't look after their cars or do mods that are totally unsafe. However, it's gotten silly recently and they're controlling everything in a nanny state manner. It also punishes people who are trying to do the right thing while the jerks who are the real problem ignore all the rules anyway. So all that strictness is a waste of time.
  3. I spent most of my day off grinding bits of metal off my struts that Stevie Wonder stuck on with a stick welder for his 1980s rally car. Stewart Wilkins told me I'd probably want to do some when I got them off him. All this was in aid of getting rid of anything the rego inspector can get wound up about. Frustrating and not any help but there you are. I did however, take the opportunity to put some cambered strut tops on the struts. Stew gave me one and I drilled a few holes and converted another one over. It'll give me about 1 extra degree of negative camber. I know I could convert
  4. Thanks Mike, unfortunately local authorities don't care about models except for whatever what got on our shores in the day. And even if we had got 1 L18SSS coupe at the time, I'd have to find proof of it and I'd still be lucky if they listened.
  5. Ditto pretty much. Yeah, but as far as RMS is concerned, not in Oz. Yeah I know, not logical but logic just confuses people. 😒
  6. That oil cap is looking super sweet too! What did you do to get it looking so good?
  7. @nad015, what brakes have you got on your car?
  8. If you've got old rego papers with the l20 engine numbers already on them, it shouldn't be an issue as I understand it. I looked at a (rusty) 1600 regoed with an L20 and no engineers papers. It got through rego no worries after being off the road for 15 years apparently.
  9. Yeah, he asked me about the motor and I said, "L18, was an L16". He was cool about that as it's under 20%. But weird that you can get yours' done with an L20, but I can't do mine with one. I've got no previous rego papers for mine though.
  10. Yeah, NSW. If he nick pics, I'll borrow a 4 speed and a driveshaft off a mate for a week. It's stupid. Harleys all over the road with no mufflers and he wants to pick me for stupid things that don't effect the safety of the car one iota. In truth, once it's blue-slipped they don't care what you do to it. I know this because an inspector told me as much to my face. Blue-slip = super hard. Pink slip = whatever won't kill you.
  11. Every part on the car is a Datsun factory part (with the exception of the steering wheel and gear knob). Least they all came out of the Datsun factory at some stage. If the guy goes all psycho on my, I'll just say, "don't worry mate" and go elsewhere.
  12. I booked in my car for an inspection on Friday. The mechanic doing the inspection gave me a big spiel about how strict the inspections are these days. He saying, "It has to be 100% stock or it won't pass. They're really strict." When I told him it had an aftermarket exhaust I was told it needed to meet Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and needed an engineers certificate. Umm, yeahnah. Thing is the car is 1969 so it's pre-ADR (they came in in 1974). So here's hoping he's cool and sees it's straight and presentable. Otherwise it's gonna be a real pain. 😞 Not spending $800 bucks on an exhaust I'll
  13. Of course I wasn't just going to drill self tappers into my floor again. So I made up a plate with m5 screws and painted it in situ to keep out the water.
  14. Just the accelerator pedal to put back in now. Then inspection time!
  15. Alternator now working. Did some dodgy wiring. Lol. Before I put the exhaust back on I welded in a bung for the O2 sensor. Bumper is back on and I bled the back brakes. Took it for a drive up and down the street this morning. Starts ok. Drives ok, but it's bogging down off idle once it's warmed up. I'm about to buy some new plugs for it. I bet they're awful.
  16. Just looked at a set on eBay. Interesting...
  17. More done today. Panel is done and painted. The panel isn't perfect and neither is the colour, but for now it's done. I'll probably repaint it when I can finally find the right paint code.
  18. What you're seeing on the piston is probably carbon. As long as the plugs weren't rusty and bad, it's probably fine. Once you lift the head, you're going down another rabbit hole.
  19. Don't tear it down yet. Lots of ATF in the bores like others have suggested (I used kerosene). If you can get it to turn, it may well run (albeit with a new cam, lol). Clean the sump out and check the bottom end. If it's not too nasty and turns, new oil fixes lots of things. Better you found all that water before you tried to turn it over.
  20. @Lachlan came to hang and help today. We got a lot done and the car finally has a quarter again... I spent a lot of time measuring and grinding today. I might have mentioned I was planning to cut higher but I changed my mind so that half the repair is hidden behind the bumper. 😉 Lachie got to watch me grind and measure, grind and measure over and over... Lucky guy. 😞 Before we tried welding it on the car, we did a test join on an offcut and boy I'm happy we did. The repair panel was like welding a coke can. However, all the practice paid off and I only had 2
  21. Like most joins, the closer the gap, the better. Touching is best if you can manage it.
  22. I've done plenty of practice today. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC5E7ugn58U I wanted to test what putting weld through primer on the back would do. The good news is it worked out ok. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC5WAPrnrWP Everything went well except for 2 things... 1. I ground the welds back a bit too far. 2. I din't put quite enough heat into the initial welds so they didn't penetrate as far as I would have liked. I had another practice to deal with issue no.2. I basically just need to hold the gun on for a little longer.
  23. Ok, I'm an idiot coz... B = battery D = dashboard 😂 Now to translate 51yo wiring.
  24. Pulled the failing alternator out. Hmm, not exactly a bolt in solution. I don't exactly know what to change over. Thoughts?
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