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  1. Hi guys, looking for some more datsun wisdom. Having a slight issue getting the dogleg box from 1st into 2nd gear. Doesn't want to find 2nd. 3rd to 2nd is fine. Thoughts?
  2. Learned 2 important things yesterday arvo. 1. The fuel gauge doesn't actually work. 2. You can't drive without fuel. 😆 I'm also tracing a few oil leaks and a slipping fan belt.
  3. One other thing I discovered yesterday is the odometer is stuck. The speedo needle is also so shakey as to be next to useless. Not sure what to do about that.
  4. On Thursday this week I started on things again. One thing I was sure of was I'd had enough of the Nikki downdrafts. It ran ok when you were driving it, but the choke was hard to get right and BOTH of the carbs I had demonstrated an inability to idle at the lights. I suspect both of them are full of varnish and other gunk and I wasn't going to pull either of them down and clean them out. I cleaned all the jets and passages of the first one to no avail. So off it came... I had a few challenges getting the Hitachi (SUs) on it. Breather tubes, fuel lines, etc. I bought all
  5. Sorry, this is a dumb question... but what is with calling 510s "goons"? I've never heard it before. Where did it come from? P.s. Goon is wine that comes in a cardboard box in Australia. Goon-bag is the bag inside the box. They make a good pillow. P.s.s. My bro-inlaw was called "Goonie" coz he could drink 2 1/2 goon bags (2 1/4 gallons) of cheap wine and still walk.
  6. Man, that looks good. Nice to see the Datsun in the light too. Keep going!
  7. That's really cool. Thank God for small mercies. I know how many times I've wondered at how easily thing came apart. Make sure you put a coat of anti-seize or penetrant on those bolts when you torque them up again. 😉
  8. Thanks guys. I am very pleased. Although I've realized there's a lot more work to do with it to sort out bugs and little issues. Things like... I also need to sort out the fuel filler tube which is split in several places. So the journey continues.
  9. Soooo, woke up way to early this morning. Stressing about the blue slip inspection. Put a bit more fuel in the tank and headed off to the garage for the inspection. Not far along, the car started STINKING of petrol. Pulling over, I found petrol streaming down the side of the car from a leaking gas cap. *sigh*. Dropped off the car and went hunting for a replacement. In the end, I bought some nitrile rubber instead. Not long after I got the call from the garage, "It's ready for you to come pick it up." "How did it go?" I asked, expecting a long list. "All good m
  10. It's hard to describe how frustrating the last couple of days have been on the car. I tried literally every part of the fuel and ignition system with no discernable improvements. First on my own, then with a good mate. In the end we traced to these new, NGK, spark plugs. In the open air, they worked fine. On the motor cyl 4 was dead and cyl 1 intermittent. So it has nasty old plugs back in it now, but at least it runs properly. So, off for inspection tomorrow. Pray it passes.
  11. I fixed it by bending up testing tab for needle too far... Coz I'm an idiot.😦
  12. GRRRRR!!! Got the seatbelts in the car and took it out for a quick spin. It's running like a bag of spanners. Pig rich. As soon as I put the boot in a little, it starting missing and running on 3 cylinders. I'm starting to thinking the needle and seat are leaking pouring fuel into the motor somehow. I have to sort it out before Thursday. HELP! 😞
  13. I know what you mean. I wasn't planning on doing bodywork, but the car was worth the effort.
  14. Your back window is already out... the hardest glass to remove. I'd say it popped out when the window frame flexed. It might not even be significantly out of shape. Personally, if it were me I'd pull all the dents out as much as possible while leaving the paint alone. Then just drive it. Datsun metal is VERY thin. You can literally shape the metal with your hands. It's that thin. I'd suggest a paint-less dent guy could do some pretty amazing things with it. I'd get a quote and go from there. Could be your insurance company is happy with that too.
  15. Been a funny sort of day today. Spent most of it working on the datsun but there's not a lot to show for it. I fixed the exhaust hitting on the floor, a clunk in the front end, more waxing and cleaning junk out. The.clunk turned out to be an under-torqued nut on the passenger side strut top. Glad I found that. Course I took the whole strut out before I found that loose nut. Oh well...😦 I also took the car for a quick spin down the street. It's running pig rich. I'm not really sure what to do about that. I really don't want to spend any more time on this carb than I have
  16. Hmmm, so no inspection tomorrow. My new seatbelts are yet to arrive so I'm waiting for next week. 😞 Good things come to those who wait, right? Anyway, I got my mountain bike back from the shop yesterday so that's good. And I still have a few things to do on the car, cleaning it out, waxing the passenger side, greasing the halfshalts, etc...
  17. Thanks guys. I do wonder what my club race motor has in it. Whether he bumped up the comp ratio or not is unclear. I don't think he could remember but it's got a SSS head with the big ports. I've got another A87 head that's milled down to the letters. So it might be worth having a look at. Fuel wise we've got E10 (94 octane), 95 oct and 98 oct. I'd like to keep to E10 if I can. I know with NA motors you can run lower octane fuel for better power.
  18. Unstitching a panel is laborious, but it isn't hard work. Similarly, new quarter panels are easy to get and good quality. I would claim on the insurance (if you have any) and fix the car. It'll be less work than swapping everything over to a new shell and you have the chance to sort out some potential rust areas at the same time.
  19. Been looking around for a decent retro style stereo for Nana. Anyone had any experience with these? https://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/RetroSound-RetroRadio-Datsun-510/RetroSound+RetroRadio+Datsun+510+or+1300+1500+1600+or+Bluebird+Style Exy, but lots of great features.
  20. Seems like the easiest thing in NSW (the nanny state I live in) is to stick with an L18 in my 510. I think turbos are out for now. So I'm thinking of internal mods to make the engine more efficient and peppy. I've got EFI going on it and a decent cam in one of them, so I'm wondering how much compression I can safely run without needing to use E85 (which is not easy to get here). Are L18 heads given to hot spots? What sort of ignition timing would I want? Is there anything else I should know?
  21. Yeah, that's not gonna cut it for NSW inspection unfortunately. The old belts Will make good lifting straps for engine changes. 🙂
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