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  1. Yeah, it's the boot and interior that smell, not under the bonnet. Carbs are working quite well really.
  2. The good news. The car idles and doesn't run on anymore. 10deg BTDC on idle and works like a charm. The bad news. It stinks of petrol, this after replacing EVERY line around the fuel tank. Still trying to ascertain what the issues is and where the smell is coming from. Also, there's a terrible exhaust leak, but it's getting that sorted tomorrow. My new radiator also arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to installing that. Probably on Saturday. Yay, antifreeze.
  3. Been a big day today datto wise. Got the oil send cleaned up and resealed, put an accessory fan back in ready for summer, ran all new breather lines for the fuel tank. I discovered I put the fuel gauge sender in upside down last time I got it out. Oh well. Now half a tank means there's not much left. Took my son out to collect something he'd bought and Nana got it's first go on the freeway. Cruises nicely at 60mph, although I think the speedo is reading a little fast (not a bad thing). It also wasn't darting around or too noisy which is really nice. There were however,
  4. How much oil should be in them? I can't seem to find where to measure that.
  5. Yeah I'm trying hard to moderate hard driving for fuel consumption. 😆😆 They don't really love idling either. Stewart Wilkins mentioned that issue to me too. They get hung up at 1500rpm or slowly drop right down to dying.
  6. I found my oil leak! 🙂 It's the oil pressure sender. So that should be easy to fix.
  7. Yeah, I really doubt it. It wasn't leaking with the old box in, or for that matter with the auto either. I made a point of replacing it before I went manual. It's also got sealant around the outside of it. Seriously entertaining starting on injection sooner rather than later. It would just be nice to have programmable ignition.
  8. It was the sump last time for sure. It shouldn't be the rear main. I replaced that just recently.
  9. Thanks guys. The 71b is MUCH nicer to use than the 63a. I don't think I'm going to mess around with short shifts. 2nd gear is a little crunchy, but it's more than usable. I've been dailying it again today. Running the kids to school and pottering to work. I managed to advance the timing and bring the idle down. It starts first time without touching the throttle too. However, I think the SUs make it a bit thirsty. I also think my oil pan is leaking again. I'll pay someone with a hoist to fix it next time.
  10. I'm an idiot. I ran the car out of fuel again tonight. Damn faulty gauge.
  11. Spent 13 hours on Nana today. Gearbox went in, then out, hole drilled out, then trans back in again. I always learn the hard way. It works and shifts well. I like the shorter gearstick better too. Doesn't hit my knee so much. My other job was pulling out the oil pan and resealing it. What a nightmare. Took me hours and numerous tricks to remove it. The good news was it has a good factory baffle in it. Also, the bottom end looked tidy and clean, which is great.
  12. There's a blockage in the carb or the fuel system.
  13. Managed to pull the 63a on Sunday arvo and then the clutch last night. Clutch looks ok, so I'm still guessing all the issues are with the gearbox, thank God. 71b is the same dimensions as the as the 63a but not a dogleg. Throw out bearing and.clutch lever are the same too. Gotta love the datsun parts bin. I just need a few longer bolts to put through the top of the belhousing into the motor and I'm set to go.
  14. Did some testing as suggested. I think it's the mid ratio box like you said. Which is probably a good thing with only a L18 pushing it.
  15. Look what I found at SW Motorsport... It's a second handy, but hopefully it works well. Otherwise we're in for a rebuild.
  16. It's an 810sss 5 speed, but yeah probably the same.
  17. The gearbox has had three different oils in it today, and molybond treatment. No cigar. Still not shifting properly. So I think it's time to pull it out and find one that works. @nad015 And the oil pan is leaking now too. More fun. 😞
  18. Alright. So I changed the gear oil this morning and bled the hydraulic clutch system again last night. Having done so I took the car for a drive. When cold, it's not too bad. As it warms up, the issues return. I think now, the issue is the clutch not releasing properly as it gets warm. Wondering what might cause this, but I think it means pulling the trans out... 😞 Fun times.
  19. Yep, there's no grinding. Just a nice, "snick" and in it goes.
  20. Ok, so the clutch is working fine. Adjusted up, bled, etc. The car doesn't like shifting from 1st to 2nd when warm, at medium to low revs. It will shift fine at higher revs with blip in between. This is good, because it means I can do events and not fear it shifting. Double clutching also works. So I have options. I'm going to drop the oil tomorrow and change it. I'm also going to add some Molybond trans treatment to the trans and hope that works. Stew Wilkins said he doesn't really like the 63A trans, prefering the 71B and 71C. So maybe I'll keep an eye out for them in my travels.
  21. Amen! Pics or it didn't happen! 😁
  22. Speaking of the clutch, I thought I'd start back at first principles. This morning I bled the clutch slave cyl, tightened up the linkage and adjusted the pedal. I'm hoping this is the real issue, because I'd noticed the pedal had sunk a little since I started driving it.
  23. No, it comes out of 1st ok. Just engaging 2nd after 1st is the issue. Once the revs drop it will go in, but not revved up. I can't tell if it's temperature sensitive.
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