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  1. Been a big few weeks. Moved to a new church as senior pastor and been on holidays too. Today was my first day in the new position and I received this as a welcome present! https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ5nXbPr427/?igshid=1vyb9z7318n32
  2. I'm jealous of your weak burnout. 😆 And I applaud the switch to MS. When I stop moving house and get my garage back, my 510 is getting a microsquirt. Had one on my last car and LOVED it. Which ECU are you using MS2?
  3. Went out to Stewart Wilkins Motorsport. They were kind enough to print out the graph for my dyno tune. I'm a bit scared for my driveshafts with a neck snapping 67hp and 75lb at the wheels! He also gave me a table of all the fuel mixtures which will help come efi time.
  4. Trying to sort out a few things before moving. One of them is a baffled rear sump for my l18 race motor. I've been fiddling with the temple Stewart Wilkins gave me a while back. Today I got it almost sorted. I also pulled the Stanza sump off and had a look at the bottom end. Suffice to say I'm very happy. It's obviously been fully balanced. It's also pretty clean. http://www.instagram.com/p/CImrLR_rPr-/?igshid=118m2iwnbf395
  5. Love to see an update on this. I suspected that the crossmember was a nightmare and you did a great job on it! Same with the turbo header!
  6. I looked at RX7s at the same time I was looking at Datsuns. The early Rx7s (Series 1,2,3) are great cars, but there seems to be more available for datsuns and nissans. Could also be there are lots of Rx7s for sale because they tend to break and be more expensive to fix? A good rotary is not a cheap thing.
  7. Awesome! So that's 900kg + SR20 verses 1100kg + 13B? Love to know your thoughts on the strengths of the 510 over the RX7, coz they're both great drivers cars.
  8. Been nearly a month since I last posted and LOTS has happened. I've been offered a new job and taken it, which is great for my whole family. Unfortunately, it also means moving again... that's three times in three years. We have to sort out what to do with our house and I've had to downsize some wood work tools too. Where I'm going we're provided with a really nice house, but I'm going from a 2 car garage to a generous 1 car garage. So yeah, not so much room for junk, although there is some sneaky storage for parts. In Datsun world, the car has been getting driven 3-4 days a week.
  9. Good idea. Lots of easy parts and tech. Looking forward to more pics!
  10. P.s. Love to see your FIA head. 🛠️
  11. Ha! I see what you did there. 😉 🤓
  12. Nice. Good choice. I think I read earlier in the build you were thinking of building a hot L16. The L18 is a much easier place to start. You can even stroke them out to 2000cc with an L20B crank and Violet/Stanza L16 rods. I'm loving my L18 and it's pretty well stock. Just with a pair of SUs it revs and revs. A hot cam or some boost will make it heaps of fun. 🙂
  13. Nice ITBs. What motor are they going on?
  14. What the heck was the guy in the Honda thinking!?! 😨
  15. Took the car out for a spin last night with my wife. Lot's of windy road and a slow old car = fun. Putting three teenage kids in the back seat on the way made Nana sit pretty low though, lol. As you can see, it's sitting a lot more even now.
  16. Another big arvo on the Datto... (grrr, insta link isn't working) http://www.instagram.com/p/CG7COORrERp/ Like usual I was overthinking the rear springs. But when I got into it, it wasn't so bad. The hardest things to removing the driveshaft bolts. Stew Wilkins gave me a tip about getting it right. "Cut off half as much as you want to lower it by." I piled my wife and 2 of the kids in back of the car to try and get a measure for where it should be. Then I looked up some pics online of rally cars resting. For the most part they looked level, where
  17. Been driving the car a LOT recently. The longest trip was across town to collect my upright bass the other day... http://www.instagram.com/p/CGrKGSDHAYG/ I gotta say, it's such a nice thing to drive. Even in peak hour on a hot day (85degF) it just doesn't get hot. The new radiator is sweet. It also turns out that my upright bass fits fine in the front seat. I also had my Bilstein decals turn up after SIX MONTHS! http://www.instagram.com/p/CGig2zdnCJC/ Still gotta put these on. In other news, I got a choke cable from Stewart Wi
  18. There's something about small (up to 1300cc) motors. You'll probably find it revs a lot more easily than the larger motors because of lighter crank/rods/pistons. So if it's not overheating or knocking, don't be afraid to rev it up. I will say though, you'll enjoy an L18. I'm very impressed how torquey mine is and it easily pushes the car along at 60mph with a 3.7 diff.
  19. It's been an eventful few days for Nanaspec, heading off to SW Motorsport for a proper tune. And just as well too. It was running like a bag of spanners. Wouldn't idle properly and kept breaking up at low revs. Stewart and his team are the gurus of tuning carbs on Dattos and despite pretty much everything going wrong, it turned out really well. It ended up costing a lot of money, but the car is literally transformed. I couldn't believe how much nicer it was to drive. He also went looking for the petrol stink in the car, but couldn't find it. Of course, another surprise
  20. Nol, I reckon you'll have the stiffest 260z in the world, with all that seam welding. 😉 Great work as per usual.
  21. A VQ35 would be a great desert motor. Piles of torque and it would never be working hard pushing your 620. It would also give you a free power-steering pump for when you convert to bigger suspension down the track. 😉
  22. Hi Wayne, welcome to Ratsun. Hello from Australia to NM. We visited Albuquerque 2 years back while travelling route 66 and loved it. I can imagine how much tooling around the desert there would be. 🙂 I'd think seriously about a swap at this stage. It's not like rebuilding the L20 is going to make the truck A. faster, B. more valuable. I'd look for a suitable donor engine/ECU/trans (maybe even diff) you can put in at the same time. A V6 or something even larger would be easy to find and install. Do the install such that suspensions upgrades fit well with it later. It will also allow
  23. Ok, next dilemma. Having an issue at low revs under load. For example 35mph in 4th gear. The ignition breaks up and it coughs and splutters. I've cleaned the points and put new plugs in it recently but it doesn't seem to have helped. Thoughts? Condensor? New points?
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