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  1. Hi guys, In the throws of getting a hot L18 ready for a 510 I've just bought. The plan has always been to convert the car to EFI using a megasquirt 2 (Microsquirt) ECU. Then yesterday, my neighbor, an old ski boat racer and machinist suggested we try something different than building a plenum for my weber manifolds and welding injector bungs on them. In a moment of brilliance I pulled out these old ITBs I had for a VW motor and the spacing of the ports is very similar. So we're hoping to make some alloy adaptors and use them with more modern injectors. I per
  2. At the same time, I've been buying parts for my EFI conversion. My favorite person is none to happy with me, but Mario at the Dubshop has done me a great deal. So a Microsquirt is on the way along with a PDM that's easy to put together. The Aussie Dollar is US0.67c and then Paypal helpful reduced that to US0.64c, so even a cheap ECU like the Microsquirt wasn't cheap, but oh well. 😞 Needing to be careful now, because I'm getting close to my budget for the whole build. 🙄 Anyway got this whole exhaust off ebay for $90 the other day. In slight
  3. Got a new side indicator for the car the other day. Managed to swap my later model repro units for 2 NOS parts. Excellent parts with loom, connectors and even a panel grommet. So now I have these...
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. All those lines will be zip tied up out of danger. I just wanted to make sure they worked first. Been working on a few things. This was today's big feat... Finally got this done. Lock is working well too. Time to vacuum all the dust out and put it back together. Dropped off my struts to be swapped over today. Stewart will shorten the Bilstein inserts. Not ideal, but satisfactory as long as I don't launch the car or hammer it across big bumps. Car is also getting an Exedy Sports 2000 clutch. In other news, the STi LSD i
  5. More work today. Another visit to SW Motorsport. Big props to Stewart. Seems we've found a compromise to the stanza strut issue. Back at home I was pulling struts apart and de-rusting my lightened flywheel. Yes, it was as bad the rusty one to begin with. The hubs got similar treatment before I pulled them off the struts. Bearings look good so they'll get a light regrease before going on 200B struts. All the pedals are now in and appropriately set up. Real evidence the brake lights work. Yay! In othe
  6. More progress today. Brake lights all work, as do parkers. 😊 Clutch and brake pedals from the manual box are both in. This involved pulling the handbrake braket off the fire wall. Man, what a job! Course I need to redrill the brake pedal for the clevis pin and booster. Should have seen that coming from looking at the old brake pedal. Oh well. 🙄 Fuel system works well and the car run ok, up to temperature on the gauge too. Very pleased with this. I am having a weird issue with the ignition key barrel. The motor will fire every time on the starter. However, there's s
  7. Feel like I'm getting nowhere with this thing, but that's not reality. So trying to document little, but important things that are getting done. As I mentioned last time, I had to pull the tank out. It was pretty grubby in there, but that wasn't the worst of it. The outlet pipe inside the tank, 6mm OD, was completely clogged with rust and who knows what else. I tried 100psi of compressed air, wire and various chemicals but in the end, I just gave up. I've blocked off the outlet and used the larger return as the fuel supply. I know it's not ideal, but for now, it'll have to do.
  8. K, will try that. Put 100psi into the fuel like today. Seems like the outlet of the tank is uber blocked. 😞 However, I did discover something rolled up tight next to the fuel tank... It's only the outside cover the booklet. But interesting none the less. However, when I unrolled it, I found this! And that's when I got excited. It tells me a few things I suspected already. It's definitely a 69' model. It's lived most of it's life in Tamworth, deep in the country. That's why it's so straight and rust free. Awesome, awesome stuff. I've
  9. That moment you realize you should have blown out the lines BEFORE you put 3 gallons of fuel in the tank. 😞
  10. Bought a 200B/810 dogleg 5 speed last night from a mate. Spent the night wondering about what to do about the 'fabricated crossmember' rule for NSW rego. Apparently it requires engineering. Completely stupid really. Having climbed under the car for a squiz, I found this. There's some creative engineering going on down here. Had to laugh really. The good news is my new gearbox appears to fit with the cross member in the stock position. Having run a few errands I got back into it tonight. With the carb back on the motor, it fired up almost straight away.
  11. This week is basically, 'try and get Nanna going' week. I've got the whole week off work and a (sort of) unlimited budget to get the car running. The two big things are... 1/ Make it run. 2/ Make it stop. I'm sure my wife feels like no.2 about my whole car habit. Anyway, she's stuck with me. 😁 1/ Make it run. Before I went away I got a good spark and the starting turning well. My issue now is the fuel system. Having put a new filter in and cranked it over, the fuel bowl started leaking. I put it back together with a little RTV and then, of cour
  12. Interested to hear how this goes. What size is your motor? Are the injectors small enough for it?
  13. Great to see an old truck being used properly. 🙂
  14. I just finished an aircooled VW turbo project. They need more oil for a turbo setup. Either with a bigger pan, a cooler or both. I did both because I live where it gets to 100F pretty regularly. I'm a little mystified why you'd need that cooler in Finland. How hot does it get there in the Summer? P.s. I'm enjoying your build though. 🙂
  15. Been working on getting the L16 in the car running so I can at least drive it up and down my (steep) driveway. The bad news is, in the 15 or so years the car has been off the road, a few creatures have made nests. The fuel, similarly was pretty awful. Smell and looks like lacquer. Thankfully, inside the rocker cover, things look a fair bit different. In fact, I couldn't believe how clean and tidy everything was up there and neither could my friends. I changed the oil and filled the bores up with ker
  16. Zombie thread dredge up. Did this ever get finished? Did you end up installing the EFI? How well did it work?
  17. Digging up a Zombie thread... I think I have, wait for it, TWO heater cores with seized valves. Would this suffice? It's cheap and cheerful here down under... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Heater-Control-Valve-C3UZ18495A-YG133-For-FORD-E-F-SERIES-BRONCO-DODGE-VAN-FK/323725787758?epid=23024241000&hash=item4b5f8f826e:g:y3AAAOSwBUtcgQF5
  18. G'day from down-under. Got this old beauty a few weeks back after cutting my ties with the VW hobby. Starting to wonder why I didn't go Datsun a LOT earlier. It's a bit of weird car. At some stage in it's life, the 4 speed was swapped out for a Stanza auto/floor shifter. It's also got a 120y brake booster. The worse rust in the car by a long way is under the fuse box. Beyond that, it's super straight and clean beyond a ding in the back panel. In truth, I was real
  19. Awesome. Just fantastic. And you had to paint that rocker cover purple. My fave colour! Don't stop now. 🙂
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