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  1. Race day update... On Saturday, my 14yo son and I headed out with the car club to a Motorkhana at Sydney motorsport park on one of their gravel car parks. The event was a test with the park concerned we'd throw up too much dust that might land on the circuit behind it. There were no worries there thankfully. It's the first time my son has driven properly. Even though we did some practice in the church car park getting used to the clutch, he spent most of the day revving it up and dumping it, then apologizing. I really don't know why, coz I was clutch kicking all day. LOL! Here's so
  2. I see you got the "high-roof" variant. 😄 But seriously, snow is such a mystery to us down under. I always wanted to go north and experience one "white winter". Dunno if I ever will. I imagine (as you have indicated) it's not all it's cracked up to be. I wouldn't miss the rust. LOL. So you're church is still online? How have you found that? The church I've just moved to has just gone back in person in January. It's taking some people a while to get used to being back together, but it is really nice. I was producing pre-recored online church last year during our lockdown.
  3. I'd give the MPK a miss. Got a mate who's skin has never recovered from using it only a few times. 😞
  4. I'll eat my words... again. You've outdone yourself once more @Noll. 😄
  5. Sorry, but that video had way too many words and not enough grinder action for me. Stop typing and start cutting!!! 🤠 P.s. I can see why people might thinking it's a nice car, but it's obviously not. Sell your old parts off and make your money back.
  6. Is that Douglas pine? I mean, as per usual I'm astounded by your ingenuity, but I wouldn't trust that stuff told up a body shell. I guess it holds out houses together though...
  7. The same thing that happens to every "affordable" hobby. The parts run out and people make our wallets sweat... because they can. Can't you glue your old lights back together?
  8. That's a great idea. I personally wouldn't go with TBI because of the issues with siamese ports and uneven mixtures in adjacent cylinders. I know BMC had major issues getting this right for production EFI on A series motors. It's even more of an issue if you want to add forced induction to an engine. One lean cylinder can = holes in pistons or broken ring lands. So yeah, I'll go with individual port injection. 🙂
  9. Hang on, I missed this qu... Would I part of this forum if I said "No"? Of COURSE it's worth dumping a lot more money! 🤣🤣 Just don't tell my wife... 🙄
  10. Amen brother. That's the exact plan. Build it on the side. Get the ignition running first, with the carbs still on the car. Then once that works, install the fuel system. And yes, not a huge power gain but increased drivability. Particularly with regard to ignition and fuel economy. Also, when I add boost it'll be ready to go with only a change of tune. I also have another rally spec L18 with a big SSS head, nasty cam and full balance. So the plan is, get the EFI built, tune it on stocker and then install the rally spec motor and tune it. Once that's done, it's time for boost. 😎
  11. I've been thinking through my EFI situation and I'm wondering about changing tack a little. I could go with the ITBs, but I have some hesitations... 1. Throttle shaft bushings leaking dust (or boost), at least one of them is quite loose. 2. Linkage and throttle position sensor to the ITBs. 3. Any sort of street induction needs an air-box to really work well. 4. Even though ITBs will give me the most HP at WOT, they won't give the best drive-ability day to day and the car is a daily really. 5. My machinist is distracted by a 1200hp turbo barra! He's already had the ITBs a yea
  12. Well I will say one thing, it's mostly just big flat panels. Not too complex to patch new things into. Those seats look super deluxe! 🤣
  13. Sounds very frustrating. Is the computer seeing the TPS?
  14. After about a month in mothballs, I could finally get into my new (very old) garage today. There's not lots of room, but there should be enough to get into trouble again. I'm told they might replace it with a bigger, taller shed in the not too distant future. For now, I'll count my blessings and start setting up my gear. 🙂 Let the fun begin!
  15. What can I say, I'll be putting some popcorn in the microwave. 🍿 There are few things I fear more than a bare metal resto.
  16. As they say on Cold War Motors... "floor delete". 🤣 😨 I applaud your enthusiasm. A lot of work ahead.
  17. Ok, so it's not just us. That's helpful info... I guess.
  18. Fantastic! What are your plans for the L20B? Atmo or some sort of boost?
  19. You guys have a huge van scene in NZ. Right? I've seen a lot of rotary powered vans on youtube. Chur bol! 🤣
  20. Man, we had so many of them here down under. Another 80's car you just don't see anymore. Looks like you're having fun with it. Good onya! 😃
  21. I've noticed I'm having issues posting Insta links... and all the old insta links in my build thread aren't working. They're not working in this thread either. @datzenmike could we fix this some how?
  22. That takes me back. They were everywhere when I was a kid. My parents used to go to the big Sydney fruit/vegie markets every months and buy in bulk. Those things would be flying around everywhere like mesherschmits during the blitz! My mum would be grabbing us and pulling out the way. Crazy stuff!!! 😨 I can still remember the smell of the LPG fuel. Who made them? Are they a Nissan thing with a different name?
  23. Just across the ditch. Nice car.
  24. I was wondering about that too. I was also wondering what struts you used @the510keeper?
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