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    73 620, 89nissan sentra, another 89 nissan sentra, 93 nissan sentra se-r, 96 nissan 200sx se-r,
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    Restoring old ism cars
  1. No I haven't called them yet. Im trying to sell my suzuki so I will have extra cash to work with. Once the sell goes through I'm going to give them a call. That's why I say it may be after Christmas
  2. Yes I will get a complete setup. Engine, transmission, ecu, mass air flow. Thanks guys for the help. I found their number online I will give them a call in a few days. Probably after Christmas
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a rwd sr20de s13, s14, or s15 to swap into my 73 620. I have searched allover the web but no one has any in stock right now. If any of you guys would happen to know where I might could find one at a reasonable price I would greatly appreciate it.
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